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News from Mathnasium of Dale City

National Teacher Day

May 7, 2019

Einstein once said, "Do not worry too much about your difficulties in mathematics, I can assure you that mine are still greater."


Math is a unique subject to learn and teach because abstract concepts can be interpreted in many different ways. Mathnasium has developed and tested multiple strategies to help children understand in a way that makes sense for them. We focus on finding the right math language for our students. Our talented instructors didn’t develop their skills on their own, though; they all had amazing teachers who helped them find a passion and love for learning!


Teacher Appreciation Week takes place the first full week in May, the Tuesday of which is designated as National Teacher Day. To celebrate, we’d like to share some stories from our instructors and management about their favorite teachers who helped them become the educators they are today.  

My economics professor, Rustici, at George Mason University made a really great impact on my life. He advised me that grades don't really matter in life-- what matters is how you deal with life itself!


-Nadine, Instructor

Mr. Hanlon from George C. Marshall High School has been with me for my freshman and sophomore year and within that period of time he has not only taught me french but has taught me life lessons as well. Mr. Hanlon helped me bring my grade up from a D+ to a high A within the course of one year. He has helped me with choosing a college major--and with setting my academic goals to achieve that major. I could not thank Mr. Hanlon enough for what he has done to help me with my personal and academic success. THANK YOU MR. HANLON


-Sam, Instructor

Barbara Mack was my Journalism Law professor at Iowa State University. She was an insanely personable teacher with amazing comedic timing that actually made it FUN to attend her 8am courses. But she also expected everyone to perform to the best of their capabilities every day in class, and if she didn't think she was getting that from you, she'd stand you up and publicly call you out on it. She was the only teacher I ever had that openly invited her students to question her on why we do the things we do and how we do them. She helped actively develop my critical thinking abilities and I only wish every student has a Barbara Mack in their life at some point or another to get the joy of having a teacher that genuinely wants you not just to learn, but to learn with her.


-Ben Bramsen, District Manager

If you haven’t already, make sure to nominate your favorite teacher for our Teacher Appreciation Facebook Contest! Find our contest post and comment the name of the teacher and their school, one lucky teacher will win a Mathnasium Goodie Bag!