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How to Tell if Your Child is Stressed in School

Oct 15, 2018

Students aren’t always forthcoming about problems they’re having in school. The reasons why kids stay silent about it are many and varied: The child may be afraid of letting the parent down, they may be ashamed or too scared to ask for help, or th...

Word Problem: Math Help For Kids And… Droids!

Sep 30, 2018

Q: Why did the droid cross the road?  A: To get to the Dark Side!  Droids on the Dark Side? Yikes! In this week’s word problem challenge our droids are trying to escape from the Dark Side. Kids, math help is needed, and you can do it! So dust ...

Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later.

Aug 9, 2018

9 Fun Activities to Prevent Summer Learning Loss (and Boost Math Skills)

Jun 15, 2018

  Long summer days invite the family to spend extra time relaxing, playing, and connecting. Many parents also look for ways bolster their children’s math skills, but family time should be fun, not stressful! We compiled nine fun family acti...

Mathnasium in the Summer Time

May 17, 2018

Math might not be as fun as art or sports, or as cool as robotics and science, but it’s still pretty awesome!  Students need to stop thinking of math as something that they will only use in the classroom. Math is used everywhere in life, fr...

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