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The best way to see if we are a good fit for your child’s needs is to visit our center, meet the instructors and try out our program. 

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My child just might be a math genius. Is Mathnasium a good fit?

Indeed! The power behind the Mathnasium Method™ is our customized approach. We work with every child to assess their abilities then deliver tailored instruction that challenges, stimulates, and inspires. That makes Mathnasium of Dana Point a perfect fit for advanced math students.  

My child used to do well in math but seems to be falling behind. Can Mathnasium help?

The current academic focus on end-of-year standardized testing necessitates a stringent learning pace in the classroom. That means it’s easier now, more than ever, for a child to fall behind and, unfortunately, stay behind. At Mathnasium of Dana Point, we know there’s nothing standard about your child. That’s why our tutoring is tailor made to fit your child’s abilities. We address and eliminate knowledge gaps to strengthen your child’s foundational knowledge. And even better, our instructors move at your child’s pace, allowing us to teach to mastery. Our personalized, effective tutoring can change your child’s direction and show them how to feel good about math again. 

How is Mathnasium different from one-on-one tutoring?

Every math tutor is different, but generally, their goal is to help your child know how to do homework, improve grades, or prepare for a test. At Mathnasium, our proven approach addresses the big picture. In fact, you could say we “solve for why.” After our unique assessments identify where your child struggles, our Dana Point mathematics tutors work closely to understand why. Does the problem lie with the math concept or the math procedure? Understanding why your child struggles lets us correct bad habits, clarify misunderstood fundamentals, and ensure a more robust, lasting understanding that supports future learning. Plus, our comprehensive approach increases reasoning and critical thinking skills, which can produce greater success in other academic areas.

What makes Mathnasium the best option for my child?

We believe every child can master math when they’re given the tools and support they need. So that’s what we do. We give them the tools and we support them, with accurate skills assessment, proprietary teaching strategies, math-proficient and supportive instructors, and safe and inviting educational centers. No matter what your child’s abilities, our instructors provide creative, targeted instruction that builds math comprehension. We make it a priority to track and celebrate your child’s progress, because success builds confidence and leads to even more success. We are a unique and effective resource, built upon a love for math. Our sole purpose is to get to know your child, how they think and learn, so we can knock down any obstacles that lie between them and math success.


Call Now (949) 240-6284 and Let's Get Started!

What are you waiting for? Math help is a phone call away. Reach out to us today to schedule your free evaluation and discover how our math tutoring solutions can change your child’s future and improve their math skills. Our math tutoring is available to the communities of Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, and Laguna Beach. 


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