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At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

See what people say about Mathnasium

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What does the word "Mathnasium" mean?

"A place to learn math, but not have the pressures of the classroom."
- Peter L, 8th grade

"Excellent staff. Helped both of my boys and several of their friends learn to love math and do well at school. Very reasonable rates and honest, diligent staff members. Terry is great - always working hard to help the kids succeed."
- Brent B.

"I've been taking my son there for 2 years and love the place. Terry, the owner, is excellent. He's caring and really cares for the kids. He instills confidence in the kids."
- Rene S.

"I've been going to Mathnasium for the past 3 years and this is as good of a tutoring place as tutoring places get. The instructors are extremely patient with their students and are always ready to teach whoever needs it. Before Mathnasium I was a student hating the simplest of math equations. However after Mathnasium, I have learned to love problem solving, and Mathnasium has helped me learn that with Math, the benefit of solving a problem outweighs the difficulty of that problem. Mathnasium has helped me learn to enjoy math, and I believe it can do the same for many others."
- Lawrence H.

"Mathnasium is awesome! I've been to many tutors but Mathnasium is something else. The owner - Terry - is so dedicated to his students and his passion is math...tutoring can't get any better than this. This placed helped me, as well as many of my friends, get an A in all of my math courses in high school! Come check it out =)"
- Arthur T.

"Mathnasium of Diamond Bar has one of the most personalized learning programs for elementary through high school children. They are conveniently located 5-10 minutes away from Diamond Bar High School. You will find a team of well-trained teachers here who use various methods such as verbal, visual, and kinesthetic to help your child develop a richer mathematical foundation. They have excellent programs designed for middle/high school students who are enrolled in Geometry, Algebra, or Calculus. Their interactive ways of teaching make mathematical concepts fun and easy to grasp, unlike other tutoring services where you'd expect worksheet after worksheet. Mathnasium's tutors are kind, friendly, and fun to work with. You will immediately find yourself a new friend as soon as you step in. The students and staff at Mathnasium are passionate to learn and teach. Teachers are sensitive to adapt to each student's learning style to provide the most comprehensive and interactive learning experience that I know by far."
- Johnny M.

"Terry is the best math tutor/teach I have ever had! He doesn't just do everything he can to help you understand the material, he really makes an effort to show you that he cares. He even let me study at the tutoring center when I wasn't being tutored by him :D Terry is the best tutor you can find and Mathnasium of Diamond Bar really reflects it :)"
- Estelle C.

"As a student who has struggled with math her whole life, and has gone through dozens of tutors, I can honestly say that Mathnasium is one of the best tutoring places. They have the option of group or one on one tutoring. I prefer the one on one because I'm a person who needs a lot of individual attention and assistance. The staff is really friendly and there are cute math quotes on the wall to inspire you. Terry is really helpful and often stays as late as 12am, sacrificing his own time to help students with busy schedules. How many people do you know do that? Go to Mathnasium!"
- Erika L.

"This place is one of the best math tutoring places I've been to, and I have been to a lot. Terry, the director is honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met and he's a great teacher. He is kind, patient, friendly and very hard working (: I've seen him stay until midnight before helping people, that is what you call passion and dedication! The other tutors are great too! But I was only tutored in calculus AB with Terry and he makes it very easy and I never feel shy about asking Terry to repeat anything because I know he is more than willing and glad to help me understand. Everyone should come here I love it!"
- Pamela C.

"Terry is an awesome teacher & makes math fun and easier to understand for students like me who struggled with some of it. Beyond that, he is a person with inspiring words and the sweetest heart!"
- Janelle F.

"Terry is one of the most selfless, dedicated, and kindest people I know. My best friend introduced me to him and he offered to help. He took time out of his busy schedule to help me every week. I've had many math tutors in the past but none like him. He is so patient and always happily went over material that I didn't understand (trust me, it was a lot). His passion and love for teaching is so admirable, he will go any length necessary to help students achieve their goal. Also, there are cool prizes you can win for getting good grades on tests :)"
- Annie W.

"It's really an amazing, amazing tutoring service. My brother and I started going since this location first started up, and it's been incredible the whole way through. It sounds weird, but I was actually very okay with coming here. I honestly did enjoy being at Mathnasium, even though math is not my best subject and has always been a major source of grief for me. It doesn't feel like a chore to come here, essentially, because all of the tutors are so friendly, competent, knowledgeable, and accessible. Am I exaggerating? Not one bit. Terry really truly cares about students, and his passion for teaching math comes through in how he makes sure the other tutors reflect that same level of care. This isn't a punch clock job that people can just do for the sake of getting money; these tutors CARE, and it shows through in how they interact with their students. One of the things that Terry sets out to do is to make math less intimidating, less frustrating. I'm incredibly math averse, and would never say that math is my favorite subject, but Terry really did make it okay. I really enjoyed how everything just clicked when he took the time and extra creative effort to explain concepts that just flew straight over my head in class. I wholeheartedly recommend Mathnasium of Diamond Bar because they don't treat you as just another walking check. The tutors truly do care, and go out of the way to address your specific trouble areas. Parents, you'll never have to be afraid about not being able to get any information out of your child's progress out of them, because they make sure they know your child's strengths, weaknesses, struggles, and improvements. They want your child to do well, but more importantly they want your child to not have a crippling fear of math, to emerge from this experience not necessarily wanting to major in Applied Mathematics but at least with the feeling that it's not a complete, unconquerable enigma."
- Leslie H.

"This is an awesome place to go for math tutoring! They offer a few snacks that the students can go eat whenever they want to and semi-annoying music (or top hits, whichever one you prefer) played over the speakers for the whole day! The teachers are nice and actually care about the students, while making the concepts clearer. You can go for a flash crash course for around $50 an hour."
- Grace C.

"I interned here in the summer and you can tell that the owner of this place really cares for his students. He takes the time to get to know each and everyone of them, because that's the important thing in my opinion, if you can't have a personal relationship with the students they will not understand why they are there. The tutors are really patient with their students and take the time to explain why everything is, which is important for math, because now being in College it isn't all about knowing how to compute the equation but rather sometimes the theory behind the math problem. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that doesn't understand math and wants to get help or anyone that wants to get ahead."
- Jeffrey Z.

"It's the little things that sets apart this Mathnasium from other learning institutions. Terry truly cares about the students. On your child's birthday, Terry will always have a birthday cake ready when you arrive at the center. Terry takes his 5-6 teachers out to lunch once a week which allows Terry to catch up with all of the teachers, and the teachers to establish bonds with one another. This in turn translates to teachers who are happy with where they work and a more caring and professional attitude towards helping their students. Terry wants the parents to know exactly what their child is doing while he/she is at Mathnasium, and what the long term learning plans are for each child. Every student has a curriculum which is personalized to that child's strengths and weaknesses. Mathnasium is designed to help the student work on improving his/her weaknesses in each subject of math while reinforcing the student's strengths. The price is not cheap, but it is more than reasonable, and you would be hard pressed to find more value at any other institution. Other places want your money, Mathnasium wants your child to learn math, plain and simple. If you are considering having your child attend Mathnasium, I would recommend you go there to consult with Terry and you will quickly see why this place is one of the best in the area."
- Elliot M.

"So last week was my last week as an instructor at Mathnasium of Diamond Bar (so this review is the truth and I'm not doing it for a raise or anything ha ha) I worked for couple tutoring centers in the past, but what makes this one different is the crew. When Terry hires an instructor, he doesn't look only for the educational qualifications, but he looks also for how much the instructor cares about his/her students. It is safe to say that all current instructors truly care about their students and a lot of them actually stay over their time sometimes to make sure their students understand the materials. Instructors love what they are doing and Terry makes it even more fun with the weekly lunches to catch up on where we stand and talk about how we could improve even more. Terry always cares to make summaries of all the books' chapters, plenty of questions for any topic you can imagine, and review sheets. When a new student arrives at Mathnasium, he/she takes a pre-assessment that basically tell us what areas he/she needs to work on. Based on the results we customize a different plan for each student. Therefore, each student has his/her own unique binder. Usually, each student will be assigned to one instructor, but in case he/she goes with another instructor, the new instructor would know where the student is at from the communication sheet between instructors. At the end of the month, each student's parents get a progress report from the student's instructor showing what he/she has done so far, what he/she is working on, and the student's study habits. The review can really go on and on, but in summary: awesome crew, awesome management, and awesome quality delivered! If you want to improve your Math skills, I would highly recommend that you go to Mathnasium of Diamond Bar :)."
- Fady G.

"BEST TUTORING CENTER EVER! The tutors actually care about the students and Terry, the owner, is just awesome! He has a passion for his job unlike other tutoring places who are just in it for the money."
- Franklin F.

"I've been to a lot of tutoring centers in the past and I have to say that the Mathnasium of Diamond Bar is one of the best ones out there! There is an uplifting atmosphere that promotes positive learning. The instructors here are amazing and very helpful. They genuinely care and really do just want to help your child. Terry Liu (Owner) and Linh Phan (Center Director) are two amazing people that work their hardest to help both the parents and the students. They do their best to accomodate any scheduling issues or any other details that might need resolving. The Mathnasium of Diamond Bar is definitely the right place to enroll. This is the best choice you will make!"
- Daphne W.

"Best math tutor ever. The staff actually cares about you and your grade and math and will spend a good amount of time until you understand the material. Guaranteed to give you an A in math with a bit of effort!"
- Michael C.

"HANDS DOWN the best tutoring center in the universe. nuff said (': I have never enjoyed math so much as I did at Mathnasium. AND TERRY IS THE BEST TUTOR EVER !"
- Sharon W.

"Hi! I think Mathnasium is the best place to get tutor if you need help in math (: I went there for Calculus AB help and Terry, the tutor, helped me understand the concepts and even went into deeper explanation about how things work. Because of him, I got a 5!!!!! on the AP test. For that, I'm truly thankful to him :) Terry is not in it for the money, but rather because he loves loves LOVES math! You don't find a lot of people like that nowadays. So if you need help, go to Mathnasium! You won't regret it!"
- Michelle C.

"It's hard to find a place with both good teachers and good people. It's usually one or the other. However, I confidently say with honesty that Mathnasium has both. I am currently Terry's student taking Calc AB. I cannot recommend a more rewarding place. He is professional at understanding the needs of different students, and being able to approach the student through different ways. The teachers have the patience, the eagerness to help, and the flexibility to accommodate the needs of different students. PS. Terry does not make mistakes."
- Molly Y.

"Mathnasium of Diamond Bar is specialized in math education. Although I only worked for a short period of time there but I can definitely say that this is the place to go if you have trouble in math-related subjects. The owner and staffs are really friendly, students are often given reasonable amount of work, designed according to individual's need, to do. The most important thing is that not only Mathnasium wants their students to excel but also wants their students to like math in general."
- Kevin T.

"I would not take my kids anywhere else. The director is professional and puts his best effort to each and every student as if he/she is his own child. His staff and teachers are highly trained and passed vigorous tests to work here. I love mathnasium of Diamond Bar and would recommend it to everyone."
- Jeffrey K.

"This is more than just a tutoring center. Terry really cares about all his students and takes teaching to the next level. This isn't just a business for him--teaching math is something that he LOVES and DEEPLY CARES about. Students jump right on with his enthusiasm for math because he makes learning, and shockingly enough, math, FUN! Terry and his entire staff is dedicated to making each student better, not just in the current class he/she is taking, but in the long math career that most students today have to endure. Trust me on this--there are no other tutoring centers around like this one. If you want your student to succeed, get them to Mathnasium of Diamond Bar!"
- Julie P.

"If you want your child to excel in math, then Mathnasium of DB is the place to go. Terry is dedicated and passionate when it comes to teaching math. He looks for your weaknesses and helps strengthen them."
- Kentsworth Y.