FUN Days Making Learning Math the BEST!

Oct 20, 2022 | Location Downtown Silver Spring

We value keeping kids motivated at Mathnasium of Downtown Silver Spring! A motivated student is more attentive and improves their math skills much faster. As aprt of our student reward system, each student receives a reward card that we stamp each time they complete a task given to them by the instructor(s). When the card is completed, they have the option to turn it in for a prize in our rewards cabinet.

Apart from the rewards system, we also have special days where students can earn additional stamps, play games, dress silly, and get special giveaways! We want the thought of coming to Mathnasium to be exciting and encouraging, so we work really hard to maintain a center that is a fun, positive environment that kids look forward to attending! If coming to the center is fun, then learning math is fun too!


Here's our Assistant Center Director, James, showing his true team spirit on "Team Spirit" day in September! Students were asked to wear any sports team clothing item to earn extra stamps for their rewards cards! A good time was had by all!

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