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At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

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Testimonials from customers in El Paso, TX:
Homeschool Parent Testimonial


As a mother who homeschooled her daughter for several years, I found mathematics becoming more and more difficult to prepare my daughter properly. She continued in her personal course of study and did all of her work. When we conducted the IOWA Test at the end of 7th grade, she was found to be deficient on mathematics. At seventh grade, my daughter tested at 6.5th grade level. We soon realized that homeschooling curriculum was not sufficient by itself.


It was frustrating for our daughter as well as for us, the parents, thinking we were doing the right thing by homeschooling and having doubts on our endeavors- even to the point of returning to public schooling. We did not want our kid to be lost in a subject that is very important and key to building a strong foundation for higher education. Furthermore, we did not want our kid in a public institution that (based on our opinion) only focuses on mediocrity and test taking.


By some miraculous intervention, our attention was drawn to Mathnasium. The instructors were the missing part of the solution for our daughter and helped her meet the gap between questions from the curriculum to mastering the concepts she was lacking. If she was not sure of something, the instructors would not do the work for her or try to dumb it out for her, but rather help her demystify the problem and help her to be a problem solver and think her way out and solve the math problems.


We believe so much in the program because we saw a change in her IOWA testing (national level testing, not minimal-level testing such as many state tests at public schools) go from a weak 6th grade level for an 8th grade kid to being ranked as an 11.5th grader within the space of five months! While standardized testing is not always a true reflection of education, this significant change showed us some significant improvement had taken place.


We were astounded and are grateful to Mathnasium. Without this program and its dedicated staff, we could not picture the success and confidence that has been planted in our daughter. She is not a fan of math, but I believe that the door to success in higher education that has been opened to her has allowed he to change her perspective and future in this subject and her future endeavors. We are a much happier family because of Mathnasium. We are grateful and thankful!


Ruby S.

El Paso, TX

High School Parent Testimonial


I have two boys (Jay & Josh) attending high school at this moment. Last year, I wasn't too happy with their math grades. That's when I decided and realized that they needed more help than what they were receiving at the school. I was concerned and frustrated. One day, I drove by Mathnasium to obtain information about their program and the same day I registered the boys without hesitation. Just from talking to Mr. Martinez I was convinced that I was in the right place. The boys not only increased their grades, but they also maintained it. I'm so pleased and happy with everyone; I don't know how to thank them enough.
Thank you Mathnasium... We miss you all!

Johanna Brown

Middle School Parent Testimonial


This year, our son Eli was completely lost when it came to Math.
His frustration in his inability to understand 8th grade math was really taking a toll on him. After meeting with his teacher, we found out the majority of her class were failing the subject. We were truly concerned learning this to be the case because not even the schools tutoring was helping.
   Our son is finally able to understand his classroom teacher and at times even help out his fellow classmates.
  He went from a 42 average to a 94 average in less than 3 months!
We cannot thank Mathnaseium and it's staff enough for their methods and approach that has made Math a whole lot easier to understand.

Ernesto & Giselle Gonzalez

El Paso, TX


Elementary School Parent Testimonial
"We are so thankful Mathnasium is now offered in East El Paso. My son has always struggled with math and was very intimidated by the subject despite school tutoring and help at home. At Mathnasium, a plan was created to get him back on track and keeping him motivated to continue. He now wishes Mathnasium was his school and looks forward to going. They keep him motivated with earning his stars and rewards. They are so patient and encouraging to him as they explain his lesson to him for the day. It's not easy to keep an 8 year old's attention at the end of the school day but they found a way to keep him going and learning! We have already noticed a significant improvement with my son and he is gaining his confidence in math! As parents, to see your child, who once was really struggling, begin to build the foundation in Math that will carry him on for the rest of his life is priceless."
Mr. & Mrs. C. Wiley
El Paso, Tx

Middle School Parent Testimonial
"Mathnasium one of the best investments we have made for our son. Our son has always done fairly well in Math, but lately it seems that the material is a little more challenging for him.  We saw an advertisement for this learning center and my wife and I figured that this was a great opportunity to help our son EXCEL in math.  Our son Loves the center so much that he wants to attend on Saturdays as well.  He is always excited to share what he learned at Mathnasium. So thank you Vince & Lindy Martinez for bringing this great program to our children. We highly recommend this program to all parents...let us continue to invest in our children's future. MATH is everywhere."

Elias Family
El Paso, TX



Middle School Parent Testimonial


Hello Mr. Martinez,

"I want to thank you and your entire team at Mathnasium for your great support and patience in working with our daughter!  She truly enjoys going to the center and always leaves feeling happy and confident on what she accomplished!  She especially appreciates that the instructors are so kind and positive in their approach toward showing her where she needs improvement.  I definitely see a huge improvement in her self-confidence when it comes to Math.  She used to worry about assignments in Math and upcoming assessments, but I can see her level of concern has somehow diminished!  I am so blessed to have found your center and especially for the instructors you have that are making a difference in her academic life!  Again, thank you so much and your entire staff!" 


Bonnie S.
Compensation Officer/Human Resources

El Paso, TX



Elemantary School Parent Testimonial
"We contacted Vince and Lindy Martinez after seeing the ad at the movie theater. We were looking for help for our oldest daughter who is behind in math and our youngest daughter to excel in math. The information they gave us convinced us this is the place for our children to attend. They made us feel welcome and assured. We really liked that our children got assessed to make sure they will be given the proper work that fits to their level of learning. It is an individualized program. Our children already show improvement in the very short period they have been attending, not only academically but they also show improved self esteem. Our oldest has ADD, she doesn't shut down mentally when it comes to doing her work or cry like she used to since she has been in this program. They enjoy attending Mathnasium and are leaning new objectives everyday. We continuously see improvement in both our daughters. We would like to thank Vince and Lindy, and the instructors, for the great work they have done with our kids and allowing them to make Mathnasium like a second home. We look forward to our children surpassing their level of knowledge in math and growing to be more confident in their school work. THANK YOU."

Miriam and Ricardo H.
El Paso, TX


Elementary School Parent Testimonial
"My daughter is in the fourth grade and  struggles with dyslexia and dyscalculia.  So anything with numbers not to mention math concepts are very difficult for her . We were fortunate to realize that she had a problem early on and attempted to do what we could to help her with her learning disability. Unfortunately, there aren't many  programs in the public school system that can help our daughter with math. So we began a journey of countless hours of home work , unending tutoring,  and even looked into very expensive schools and internet programs that claimed to improve math skills . Meantime, her self esteem and confidence was disappearing with each failing grade and each new venture.  Math was a subject that she hated, and even though we spent hours on it daily she was still struggling.   It was not until we came upon Mathnasium did we see a light at the end of the tunnel. In speaking to Vince and Lindy Martinez and meeting their staff, we knew this was an affordable option for our daughter. We were not promised miracles but we were promised progress . Our daughter has been attending for a little over a month and we already see a  positive change in her especially in her self esteem. She is improving in her math skills daily and for the first time enjoys learning about Math. Thank you Mathnasium!"

Mrs. A. Morales
El Paso, TX