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 Summer Program 2018 (June 2 - August 2)
  Hours Game Times
Monday 3pm - 7pm 4:30pm–5:30pm
Tuesday 11pm - 3pm 12:30pm–1:30pm
Wednesday 3pm - 7pm 4:30pm–5:30pm
Thursday 1pm - 3pm 12:30pm–1:30pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm  
Sunday 2pm - 4pm


At Mathnasium, summer programs are designed to prepare students for what lies ahead while 

enjoying fun challenges with math games. It is also a great time to prep for the ACT. 

Here's what you can look forward to this summer:


Individualized Instruction  

Students attend two or three times a week to work on an individualized

learning plan determined from an detailed assessment to help catch up and/or get ahead. 

Summer Fun

Four 1-hour sessions of games and STEM activities are offered weekly

during the summer, free of charge, to currently enrolled Mathnasium members.

These sessions are devoted to logic, geometry, and number sense. STEM activities will incorporate 

math in Science, Technology, Engineering. New games and old favorites will be played each week.