A+ Math Jeopardy Night (6/9/23)

Jun 9, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023
A+ Math Jeopardy Night (6/9/23)

Join us on Friday 6/9 at 5pm for a fun Math Jeopardy Night!

The 1st round is for students in G2 to G6. The 2nd round is for students in G5 to G12. Each round takes 20 to 30 minutes. 5th & 6th grade students can play in both rounds.

The first 2 players who reach 1,000 stars make it to the final battle. The 2 finalists from the 1st round will battle each other in the final by playing the "24 game". The 2 finalists from the 2nd round will play the "999 game" (like in the daily TV gameshow in France called "Des Chiffres Et Des Lettres)".

Each player from the 1st round will pick 1 category from this list to be added to the Jeopardy board:

Add/Subtract (up to 100), Addends/Subtrahends/Minuends, Multiplication/Division facts, Factors, Order Decimals/Fractions, Add/subtract Fractions, 2-D Shapes, Convert Measurements, Doubling (up to 50), Find Halves (up to 100), Order of Operations (MDAS), Ratios, Proportionality, Patterns

Each player from the 2nd round will pick 1 category from this list:

Reducing Fractions, GCF/LCM, Absolute Value, Order of Operations (PEMDAS), Area/Perimeter, Algebra, Multiply by 12, Quadrupling, Exponents, Square Roots, Convert Measurements, Convert %/decimals/fractions, Tip the Waiter (%), Proportionality/Proportions, Find Quarters, 3-D Shapes, Triangles, Patterns

In each Jeopardy board, there will be 3 hidden math Brainteasers worth double the original stars in play.

Finalists will earn prizes. Que le meilleur gagne!

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