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From math fairs and game nights to presentations and exhibits, we make math fun and engaging for kids of all ages! Contact us for more information about events we sponsor and events in which you'd like our participation.


Thomas Kelly Elementary Math Fair - November 15th

Please come and join us for our second annual math fair at Thomas Kelly Elementary. We are partnering with this local school's PTA to host a night full of games, activities and prizes. All our welcome!


Mission Avenue Open School Math Fair - December 5th

This is our first year partnering with Mission Avenue Open School to put on a math fair and we are very excited for this new opportunity. Stop by for a chance to play some fun math games and activities, as well as win some excellant prizes!


Pi Day (3/14)

We have an excellant Pi Day Celebration every year at our Mathnasium Center. Students participate in a special activity to earn prizes and show us some real excitement to do some extra math for the day. Stay tuned for more information!


Math Fair & Open House - Summer Special Event

Every summer, we take one day off from our busy Mathnasium schedule to have a special day filled with math games, activities, and prizes! Everyone is welcome, whether you are a current Mathnaisum student or not. We love to share our passion and enthusiasm for math, so stop by if you get a chance.