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December Math Activity: Sugar Cookies And Pretend Snow

Dec 2, 2018

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your kids this Holiday season?   What are two staples of the holiday season? Why, snow and cookies, of course! With the Mathnasium December math activities your family can have both in the comf...

Unveiling the Math in National Elections

Nov 4, 2018

No matter your political affiliation, you can use the mid-term elections as an opportunity to talk with your child about the role math plays.   Our elections have math at their core, and we want children — our future leaders — to understand ...

An Interview with Mathnasium Chief Instructional Officer, Larry Martinek

Nov 4, 2018

Ever wondered how Mathnasium got started, or what makes us different than a private tutor? Here is a great interview with co-founder and Chief Instructional Officer, Larry Martinek.   Larry Martinek, “The Man Behind the Method,” is chief ins...

Thirty Books to Make Kids’ Math Learning Fun

Nov 4, 2018

Here are several age appropriate books that will help you engage your kids in math. We’re fond of saying that, just as parents read with their children, they should also “math” with their children. Why? Families who engage with their children m...

Word Problem Wednesday: Practice Percents To GROW Your Math Skills!

Jul 8, 2018

Do you know what the word "percent" means, literally? If you want a plant to grow, you don’t “leaf” it alone, you take care of it. Likewise, if you want your math skills to grow, you have to take care of them by practicing. In this week’s wo...

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