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Forbes published its list of highest salary potential bachelor's degrees

Jan 9, 2017

I was spending time on Facebook this morning (a luxury afforded by the two hour late start for schools in the area), and came across an article by Forbes (   It wasn't a very detailed article- just a list of the 25 bachelor's degrees with the highest salary potential.

There were more than 25 degrees listed, as there were ties.  The list contained degrees in different forms of engineering, math degrees and computer degrees.  As a math lover, I was excited about this list.  YES! Math counts.  And looking at our society, these are important careers.  As our world turns to automation and robotics to get many things done, our future depends on those who can create and repair these machines.  It also depends on the vision and creativity of the kids in school right now.  They need to learn to problem solve and think creatively.

I talk to the students often about being thinkers and problem solvers.  So many of them are so focused on just passing the next test- and the school system does teach them to be test takers.  Most of our students are amazing test takers.  If we want our children to be successful, though, we need them to look beyond the test and beyond being test takers.  We need a society where children are encouraged to be creative problem solvers.

Math allows students to learn these problem solving skills.  Not just the kind of problems we remember from school (train A leaves the station at 9:00...), but real life problems as well.  Math allows students to learn to organize their thoughts, apply what they've learned and come to solutions in different ways.  Anyone can learn math- sometimes, they just need to see it in a different way.