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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Center DirectorKaitlin O'Neill, Owner

After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, Kaitlin kicked off her career working at a global banking institution in New York City. While working there, she found out about Mathnasium through an advertisement in a local magazine and, having always wanted to open her own business, she knew this would be the perfect one. It involved two of her biggest passions - math and children. Kaitlin is excited to see how the students at Mathnasium grow from each and every session they come to, seeing discouraged faces change to big, confident, smiling ones, and hopes that every child that comes through this center, will one day carry the same love for math that she possesses. In her downtime, Kaitlin enjoys discovering all the different things that each neighborhood of New York City has to offer.


Sam Khananashvili, Center Director 

Sam went to CUNY Hunter College for Statistics. He has tutored for around 8 years and is going on his 5th year with Mathnasium. Growing up he was always good at math and recognized it was his favorite class early on. He started out tutoring his friends in Townsend Harris High School and in CUNY Hunter. He is currently taking classes to pursue a degree in Primary Education. In his spare time, he likes going to the gym, playing basketball, and hiking. 








Adam Yukhanov, Operations & Marketing Coordinator

After noticing the struggle that many students encounter when learning mathematics in school, Adam wanted to do something about it and help students develop their confidence and strength in Math. Adam is currently a first-year finance major at Baruch College (and an Instructor at our Fresh Meadows center!); planning on utilizing his passion for numbers in the Finance field. His passion for Math, as well as being on his high school Math Team, has provided him with a rigorous understanding of the subject and allow him to help others gain an advantage in mathematical problem-solving. Adam enjoys teaching students math because he is aware that each student perceives math differently; he gets to see his students develop their own understanding of mathematics that sets them up for success in problem-solving in the future. Adam aims to become an Engineer or Financial Analyst in the future because he wants to utilize his analytical and problem-solving skills, along with his love for numbers, to help businesses thrive and have an impact on the world. In his free time, Adam likes to play soccer, workout, and play chess.


Anisa Rahman, Instructor 

Anisa currently attends Queens College, majoring in Applied Mathematics. Ever since she was a child, Anisa had a passion for teaching, and math was something she was good at and enjoyed learning about. Hence, she has always enjoyed explaining math concepts to my friends and cousins, helping them with homework. Anisa also had an opportunity to work at LaGuardia Community College in their Adult Basic skills program as a math tutor. She tutored students in high school mathematics to prepare them for TASC exam. She provided comprehensive academic support both one-to-one and in-class settings. Anisa believes that teaching math or anything in general not only helps those you are teaching, but also helps you gain a deep understanding of the subject. It is also so fulfilling knowing that you made a difference in someone’s education.  In her free time, Anisa likes learning new things, listening to music, exploring different places, making DIY projects, and spending time with family.


 Benny Liu, Instructor

Benny is a freshman at Stony Brook University who plans to double major in computer and mechanical engineering in the future. Math has always been the subject that comes most naturally to him completing high school mathematics in middle school and in his third year of calculus as a senior. Mathematics is the one subject that is applicable to any field so he thinks that it's important for students to become comfortable with math. He enjoys teaching students math because he loves seeing students learn new skills that they can apply right away. In the future, Benny wants to become an engineer or a surgeon because he wants to get into a field that solves some of the world's toughest problems. In his free time, Benny enjoys playing games (such as League of Legends) and watching anime. 


Celine Roberts, Instructor 

Celine currently attends Hunter College.  She has given back to her community through various walks, drives, and rallies such as the Breast Cancer walk, and annual Blood Drives. In addition, she has prior experience at the Boys and Girls Club and private tutoring, especially in the field of mathematics. She is well educated in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics from her years in high school. Celine hopes to help all students tackle a difficult subject such as math and continue to enrich their learning experience. Being a young tutor has encouraged her to connect and relate to the youth of today. She is majoring in business at Hunter. Overall, she loves working with kids and assisting them in developing the basic skills and knowledge required to succeed.

Daniel Park, Instructor

Daniel is currently attending Baruch College pursuing a BA in Mathematics. He is an alumnus of the Bronx High School of Science. Ever since he was young, Daniel had always loved to creatively find solutions to problems. His love of problem-solving eventually led to his interest in mathematics. He realized there were different methods that can be used to approach math problems. In addition to math and problem solving, Daniel enjoys watching and playing sports such as basketball and soccer as well as playing guitar and video games, such as FIFA, 2K, and Apex Legends.




Jonathan Megnauth, Instructor

Jonathan is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Adolescent Education at Hunter College to become a high school math teacher. Prior to this, he obtained a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Mathematics from Queens College. Jonathan tutored throughout high school and college, working with both private clients at the college level and working for after-school learning centers including Mathnasium of Manhattan. His favorite fields of mathematics are Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry. Outside of academic interests, Jonathan enjoys playing guitar and going to stand-up comedy shows.


Raymond Tung, Instructor

Raymond is currently a student at Queens College, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education and Mathematics. As a child in elementary and middle school, he was always motivated to learn and challenge himself about mathematics but even more inspired to help those around him with understanding the subject. This passion for mathematics blossomed even further in high school where he met his math teacher that had a relatable Cantonese background that empowered him to pursue a teaching career. In fact, it was not simply because of the same ethnicity and language that these two shared that made Raymond want to become a math teacher. Instead, it was because of how effortless and dedicated his math teacher was and still is that ultimately convinced him to be a math teacher. Aside from math, Raymond’s hobbies include watching anime, reading manga, playing chess and other strategic games, as well as playing MMORPGs and occasionally some League of Legends. 


Sofia Gonzalez, Instructor

Sofia is currently a student studying nursing at Long Island University. She has a long history of wanting to help the people around her doing tutoring, community service, internships, and just lending a helping hand when it’s needed. She was in a math club in elementary school, a teacher’s assistant from 8th grade until 12th grade for all math classes and a tutor in high school for students struggling with geometry. Her love of helping those in need and the straightforwardness that math offers led her to seek out those who struggled in math, and ultimately become a tutor.