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Word Problem Wednesday: Exercise Your Math Muscle Regularly!

Dec 5, 2018

Do you play an instrument or a sport? How long to you spend practicing each week? Any skill is like a muscle, and should be exercised regularly—this goes for skills and activities such as playing instruments, reading, and even math! 

In this week’s word problem challenge students can practice elementary school math skills such as addition and subtraction as they figure out how much time Amaryllis spends practicing the piano each week. Look below to exercise your math muscle by figuring it out for yourself. Be sure to come back tomorrow to check your solution against ours!

Question: Amaryllis takes piano lessons every day. On weekdays, her lessons are 30 minutes long. On Saturdays and Sundays, her lessons are 45 minutes long. How many hours does Amaryllis spend at her piano lessons each week?


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