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Assessment and Feedback Develop Student Motivation

Sep 12, 2018

By Laura Pan Testing has a more erudite term, assessment—but let’s face it, it's still testing. But assessment is packed with implicit aims such as improving student performance or satisfying learning objectives.  A glossary compiled by Carnegi...

The ABCs of Culture – students and parents describe our center's culture

Aug 15, 2018

Talk to anyone in any industry these days and culture is big. Companies hire people for cultural fit, students apply to colleges that offer the right culture for living and learning, and at Mathnasium of Fremont, instructors and staff work hard to...

Homework Problems are Great, but Examples are Cool

Jul 19, 2018

By Laura Pan I took an electromagnetics class as an undergraduate engineering major. To solve any homework problem, a friend and I found humor in the fact that a guaranteed step was to assume something was negligible. Cool, it always meant one ...

Do you like math?

Jul 12, 2018

By Laura Pan When I teach students at Mathnasium I ask if they like math. It's a good place to start and probably not surprising that just a few respond with a definite yes. I caught a portion of the game show, Family Feud, in which contestants...

How a Love for Math Turned into a Career in Venture Capital

Jun 14, 2018

By Christina Vuleta When Anarghya Vardhana, a principal at Maveron, was growing up, the most common language spoken in her house was math. Her father was an engineer and her grandfather, a math professor. That formed her dream of solving the Ri...

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