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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorEric Pan, Owner/Center Director 

Eric has been a long time resident of Fremont and graduated from Mission San Jose High School. His interest and talent in math landed him his first summer job as a computer programmer at NASA-Ames Research Center. He received a B.S. degree with honors in Applied Physics from California Institute of Technology, and an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His career has spanned the defense and semiconductor sectors with technical leadership positions at companies like IBM, Hughes Aircraft, Samsung Semiconductor, and Skyworks Solutions. His past roles have included researcher, engineer, manager, coach/trainer, consultant, association officer, entrepreneur, inventor, and author. In 2005, his book Perpetual Business Machines: Principles of Success for Technical Professionals (ISBN 0975448005) was selected by IEEE Engineering Management Review for its annual ‘Global Think’ initiative.

Because STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is now at the forefront of education policy and curriculum, Eric recognizes that math education will impact all areas of science and technology as well as business and government. The study of math enables a powerful, universal thought process that not only helps individuals to identify and analyze problems, but also provides them with the tools needed to find solutions and make sound decisions. His interest in Mathnasium is to help the next generation build a solid foundation. Learning math effectively enhances brain and cognitive development in young children and adolescents — providing a quality educational experience will greatly impact the rest of their lives.

Favorite Number: 6. Genesis 1:26, 31; the smallest perfect number; a repeating digit in my birthday numbers

Favorite Math Quotes: "The mathematician's patterns, like the painter's or the poet's must be beautiful; the ideas, like the colours or the words must fit together in a harmonious way. Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in this world for ugly mathematics." - Godfrey Harold Hardy, A Mathematician's Apology

"Mathematics is a language plus reasoning; it is like a language plus logic. Mathematics is a tool for reasoning." - Richard Feynman, The Character of Physical Law

Fun Fact: One can divide a cake into 8 pieces with 3 straight cuts.

I love Mathnasium because:  it serves the greater good and teaches kids to learn by understanding (not by rote).

Constantin Andronic, Lead Instructor

Constantin is an adaptable and organized education professional with over thirty years of teaching experience at universities, high schools, and middle schools. He currently teaches at Oakland Charter High School and Holy Names University. He has also successfully coached and prepared students for the SAT and ACT tests and mathematics competitions such as AMC8 and AMC10 (Mathematics Olympiads). His students have won many competitions in local, national, and international Olympiads; two of his students placed 3rd and 7th in the international Mathematics Olympiad. 

Constantin has a gifted ability to explain complex mathematical concepts in a manner that can be easily understood. His passion for innovative teaching strategies fosters a fun and fascinating learning environment that engages all students. His key to success is the development of excellent relationships with students, parents, and Mathnasium staff to produce a friendly and supportive learning community. He takes the time to be encouraging and patient with each child and provides individualized, extracurricular support for students who may be struggling with math in school. 

He also brings a unique global perspective to math education because he is very familiar with the East-European and Singapore education systems. He is fluent in both English and Romanian. His hobbies include computer programming and playing bridge and chess.  

Favorite Number: 13 - I got married on 13th and 7 - because is prime and "even"


Favorite Math Joke:  Q: How do you make seven an even number? A: Take the s out!


Fun Fact: i to the i power is real, approximately 0.20788...


I love Mathnasium because: I can explain why math make sense.

Flavia-Laura Andronic, Instructor

Flavia is a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Fremont and has a B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering and minors in Mathematics and Education from UC Davis. She is currently pursuing a master's program in Systems Engineering and Business Administration and works at Lockheed Martin System Space Company in Sunnyvale as a System Engineer. During her years at UC Davis, she experienced the joy of sharing her math knowledge by tutoring students from kindergarten through middle school. Her students were eager to learn math. After graduating, she continued to work with high school students in Castro Valley through preparatory courses such as SAT, SATII, and AB/BC Calculus. She is motivated and dedicated to her students as exhibited by her teaching style to promptly answer questions, clarify misinterpretations, and provide a friendly and open learning environment. She is continuously working to enhance and improve her own problem-solving skills whether on the job, in her graduate studies, or through daily life challenges. As a process engineer, she also uses her teaching skills to mentor and train interns from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Flavia was born in Romania where she spent her first 14 years. In 2001, she moved with her parents to the Bay Area and adapted quickly. Her favorite hobby is ballroom dancing because it enables her to sharpen her discipline, motivation, and perseverance - the same qualities that she learned to be successful academically. She also has a strong competitive streak playing bridge and canasta games with her family.


Steven Mueckl, Instructor

Steven Mueckl has an MBA degree from Argosy University in Orange, California, and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. He has worked professionally in embedded hardware engineering, fiber optics quality assurance, and marketing.
Steven is inspired to teach by his own educational path that began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He did well in most subjects in elementary school and by the time he started middle school in Bellevue, Washington, he made significant academic strides. When he was a junior and senior in high school, he attended Bellevue College as part of a “Running Start” program that enabled him to simultaneously earn both high school and college credits. He received an associate's degree from Bellevue College and then transferred to the University of Washington to study engineering.
He is very pleased to be an instructor at Mathnasium because he delights in working with young students to help them gain a solid understanding of math. He would like to inspire these young ones to develop their math skills to the greatest potential.
Favorite Number: 0, because it separates positive and negative numbers from each other.
Favorite Math Joke: 
Teacher asks student:  What is half of 8?
Student:  Horizontally or vertically?
Teacher:  What do you mean?  
Student:  Horizontally, it is 0 and vertically, it is 3.
Fun Fact: I used to live in Wisconsin, close to dairy farms and countryside towns.
I love Mathnasium because: every student gets a customized Mathnasium learning plan that’s tailored to them and they can get help on their Mathnasium learning plan materials, math class homework, preparing for math class quizzes and tests and more math.  And as an instructor, I get to individually help each student.

Becky Shepperson, Instructor

Becky has a Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Cruz in Language Studies and is a graduate of the International Baccalaureate program at San Jose High Academy. For her graduating thesis she did a study of the limits of current voice recognition software. After graduation, she moved to South Korea to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Her interest in foreign languages was greatly aided by her strong mathematical abilities which made pattern recognition easier.

While in Korea, she discovered her true passion was teaching and she has never turned back. Since that time, she has taught many different types of students. She taught children and adults ESL in Korea before moving to Egypt where she taught business English to employees of a petroleum company. After returning to the USA, she taught all three areas of the SAT for Kaplan and tutored teenage refugees for Refugee Transitions. For the last six months, she has been teaching at the Mathnasium in Morgan Hill.

Becky understands that the learning needs for each child are different. Her work with both advanced pupils and students who have not had the same opportunities means she knows how to approach each learner as an individual with appropriate learning strategies. In addition, she always has an answer to the question, “When am I going to need to know this?”.


Ashley Kempton, Instructor

Ashley is a graduate student in the Counseling Psychology program at Santa Clara University. She is currently working towards her master's degree, with a goal of becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). She earned a B.S. degree in Society and Environment from UC Berkeley in 2012. 

Ashley has years of experience tutoring students ages 5-16 in many different subjects, but specializes in math tutoring. She volunteered as a tutor with the Boys and Girls Club of America and also served as a private tutor covering Math (Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry), English (Writing and Grammar), and General Science. She loves working with children; her greatest pleasure is seeing them grow, improve their academic abilities, and thrive. She is also a retired competitive figure skater. She enjoys returning to the ice for leisure when the time permits.

Favorite Number: 7 and 21. I like odd numbers a lot, my birthday falls on the 21st, and I just have always liked the number 7. I consider these numbers my lucky numbers.

In 5 Years, I will be: working full-time as a psychotherapist, hopefully assisting children, adolescents, and adults.

Fun Fact: I used to figure skate competitively.

I love Mathnasium because: the kids start to make sense of confusing math topics and it feels awesome to be a part of that process. Seeing the light bulbs go off when they start to understand makes the work enjoyable and worth it.


Hannah Folk, Instructor

Hannah is a graduate of Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is attending UC San Diego majoring in mathematics and economics. She has tutored students at home in math, English, and chemistry. She is excited to work with children at Mathnasium this summer and looks forward to college.

Hannah also advocates that students need to balance their lives with a variety of interests. She is eager to help students gain that perspective, too. Besides working as a tutor, she enjoys tennis and dance.