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Mathnasium of Fruit Cove is open for In Center instruction. With our personalized learning plans, Mathletes can benefit from either Mathnasium In-Center or @Home video conference instruction. Which is the best fit for your family? Call today to learn more about the Mathnasium Method and how we can help your child’s math learning continue without interruption.


Cunningham Creek Elementary's Spring Flinging

We enjoyed the breezy, sunny day from our sponsorship tables at Cunningham Creek Elementary's Spring Fling on March 8th!  Kids and parents visited for math related games and give aways.


Durban Creek Elementary's Space Night

Mathnasium was thrilled to join as a business sponsor in support of Durban Creek Elementary's Space Night gala on February 7th.  We provided two baskets in support of their silent auction.  Each included a certificate for a month's membership and free enrollment to Mathnasium of Fruit Cove Ponte Vedra and a few other fun items. At Mathnasium we help students catch up, keep up and get ahead by explaining Math the way it makes sense to them.

DCE Space Night  Gift Basket

Julington Creek Elementary's STEM and Literacy Night

Congratulations to Julington Creek Elementary which held its first STEM and Literacy Night January 29th.  The event was well attended, fun-filled and a great success.  MA+hnasium of Fruit Cove was honored to join in support (M in STEM is Math) with games that apply math skills.  And, we provided a basket for raffle with the winner receiving a certificate for a month's membership and free enrollment at Mathnasium.

Cunnigham Creek's Reading with the Stars

Mathnasium was pleased to be a Business Partner at Cunningham Creek Elementary's Reading with the Stars! event on Jan 30th. Mathnasium is a Math-only learning Center successfully helping may local students to meet their challenges, enjoy Math and improve their confidence and grades.

Supporting Patriot Oaks Academy's STEM Night

Mathasium was proud to support Patriot Oaks Academy's STEM Night on Nov 15th -- Math being the M in STEM.  Mathnasium provides customized learning programs to build solid math foundations for lifelong success!     

    Dave, Jon, Seon     Dave, Jon, Seon


Supporting Bartram Springs Elementary Parent Academy!

On Nov 19th, Mathnasium hosted a Math Night of math games for the children while their parents learned how to support their children's math development.  At Mathnasium we make math make sense and whenever possible fun to learn too.              

 Dave, Jon, Seon      Dave, Jon, Seon

Dave, Jon, Seon      Dave, Jon, Seon
Mathletes and Athletes!

Some of the Mathnasium team participated in the 2018 Tour De Pain race series.  Athletes condition their bodies for races but "Mathletes" also require conditioning.  Spending time at Mathnasium will help you refine your math skills for lifelong success!

 Dave, Jon, Seon              Dave, Jon, Seon                                       


Patriot Oaks Academy Mixer for 6th & 7th Graders & families

Saturday, May 3, 2014

We're looking forward to meeting the families of some new students at the newest accademy in Saint Johns County!

Spring Fling at Cunningham Creek Elementary School

Friday, April 11, 2014

We really enjoyed our time with the students at CCE, especially all those who engaged in a terrific game of "24" at our table!

Durbin Creek Elementary School "Seussical" Family Event

Saturday, March , 2014

Had a great afternoon talking with the parents and meeting some of the students at DCE!