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We’re open for business! The kids are loving Mathnasium @Home & @Center!

Special Offers

Available at any of these 5 Locations!!!!

Ellicott City / Rockville / Germantown MD / North Potomac / Potomac



Feeling uncertain about the coming school year?

Your favorite mathnasium has the remedy!


We are waiving registration fees for New and Returning Students who want confirmation that they are ready for next year’s math level compared to students from all across the United States of America!


We are offering our Seasonal Sessions Package (normally referred to as the Boot Camp) to verify that your mathlete is all caught up with last year’s math topics.

That’s right, the Boot Camp which is normally used to prepare for next year’s math is being offered this Summer in hope to complete an entire Learning Plan for last year’s math.

We call it Mathnasium’s Summer Catch Program (short for Catch-Up)!

And even more important is that the Mathnasium curriculum allows your mathlete to be compared to the entire Nation!  That’s also how college placement exams work! (hint)


Read on for more details or press the Schedule My 1 on 1 button to start the process:


Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Schedule an assessment for last year’s math level using the provided button

Let us know that you are interested in the Mathnasium’s Summer Catch!

STEP 2: Complete the assessment - We will catch any foundational gaps

STEP 3: Attend the Consultation 

Review Results

Receive Customized Prescription

STEP 4: Complete Customized Learning Plan Prescription for last year’s math level

STEP 5: Schedule a Post assessment to verify that we caught all the gaps - Let’s go for a 100%!

STEP 6: Finish early? - Why not get ahead and make next school year a little more stress free.


We are waiving registration fees for New and Returning Students who want confirmation that they are ready for next year’s math level compared to students from all across the United States of America!


The Learning Plan length is based upon the results of the assessment.  The length of the Personalized Learning Plan Prescription will determine the recommended number of sessions for Mathnasium’s Summer Catch membership package.  The Summer Catch/Boot Camp membership package consists of a set number of sessions that expire in three months from the activation of the membership.  Students can use these sessions both @Home and @Center and are welcome to book as many times as needed during our business hours until the number of sessions runs out.  The goal is for the student to complete the Learning Plan before the sessions run out.  And once the sessions run out we will reassess and the student can choose any monthly sessions package (which gives students a set number of sessions per month) or re-up their three month block of hours package.  Finish early and want to sign up for the school year?  The membership fee will be waived!


How is this different?  Normally students are assigned next year’s math level in the Summer to get them ahead.  However, due to unprecedented circumstances over the past year we are offering an opportunity for students and families to catch up on all last year using the Mathnasium Curriculum over the Summer.  Mathnasium curriculum is built to cover the whole country rather than the local school district which allows for students’ math abilities to be compared nationwide.  And remember when it comes time to apply to colleges students are compared to the whole country if not the world!




Most Popular Summer Program at Mathnasium!

At Mathnasium, our 16 or 24 sessions (of 60 or 90 mints duration for each session) summer program (about 2 or 3 sessions per week) enables students, entering grades 2 through 12, to focus on what they need most academically. For some students, a summer review of prior math materials may be most helpful. For others, a preview of what is to come in the next school year will serve them best. For most, a mixture of mathematical review and preview provides the solid foundation to stave off autumn amnesia and build lasting understanding. The right mix for each student is determined by assessment and is delivered tailor-fit through individualized instruction.

Summer Bootcamp at Mathnasium!

Trying to avoid the "summer slump" but still want your kids to enjoy their summer with travel plans? Register for our Mathnasium Summer Boot Camp! One or Two entire week(s) of focused fun in center with math instruction. Sign up for 16 hours, 24 hours or 36 hours (about 4 hrs a day) over one or two weeks to fit into your summer vacation schedule. Our customized Mathnasium Summer Bootcamp promises to keep your child engaged, and challenged with a customized learning plan constructed just for them! Avoid the summer slump and register for our Mathnasium bootcamp today! Are you Ready?

Call us today at 301-363-4744 to learn more about Mathnasium's summer programs and services. 

And make sure to visit the SCHEDULE page for more infomation about attending an
Online Open House



Most Children Lose about 2 Months of Math Skills During the Summer Months - Beat Summer Learning Loss and Prepare your Kids to Excel at Math Next Fall.

Improved Grades  -  Increased Confidence  -  Proven results!


Program Offers:

Here are our Super Value Free Promotions worth a total of $200!

Start by having your device setup for Math by scheduling a FREE Helpdesk Session: 

A $50 Value!  


Next have your mathlete start mathing by scheduling a FREE Assessment: 

A $100 Value!

Finally we will review results with both the guardian and the mathlete in a Consultation.

A $50 Value!



And a reminder that you are always welcome to walk in to our Virtual Office in Zoom during any of our regularly scheduled Office Hours

Simply Click the icon below!!!

Year-round Program at Mathnasium!

Call us today at 301-363-4744 to learn more


  1. Pay $99 enrollment fee at the time of enrollment.  It can be waived if stays in program for 9 active month or 6 months upfront payment. Seasonal enrollment fee $49.  TP students for Higher Math pays $0 enrollment Fee.
  2. Second Child gets 10% off on all tuition Fees.  Third and additional children gets 20% off on all tuition fees. Second child enrollment fee $49, Third or additional children enrollment fee $0. Sibling seasonal enrollment fee $0. We offer a 10% discount per child for active and retired US Armed Force Veterans & Current Frontline Healthcare Workers.  (Parents only and cannot be combined with any other MATHNASIUM offers)
  3. Returning student or relocation Mathnasium student from anywhere in USA $0 enrollment fee. Just pay monthly / seasonal tuition fee.

Is Your Child Ready for GT, Compacted, COGAT, IM or Magnet Math?

Find Out Today from Our FREE Math Assessment. 

!!!! Get Math Help with Mathnasium Tutoring for Elementary/Middle School Math, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, SAT/ACT, Summer Math Programs !!!!!

Want to see where your student is with their math skills?


** Assessment is FREE and Trial lesson upto Pre-Calculus with Mathnasium Material


Math Olympiad and Math Kangaroo Prep Program

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