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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Suchita Desai | Center Director | Mathnasium of GilbertSuchita Desai, Center Director

Gilbert, Gilbert East and Mesa South locations

Suchita strongly believes that a solid foundation in math is vital for today's children to succeed. She holds a Master’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. After a several years of research work, she decided to shift her focus to giving back to the community in a different way. She came across Mathnasium and fell in love with the program and what it has to offer students across all grades. She has always loved and excelled in math and now, through the Mathnasium method, enjoys helping kids learn to overcome their fear and love math. She currently resides in the Valley with her family and two wonderful kids. Suchita and the Mathnasium of Gilbert team are thrilled to bring their passion to Mathnasium, helping children succeed in math in a way that makes sense to them! 

Favorite Math Joke: 3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions.

Dylan | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertDylan, Lead Math Instructor 

Dylan has taken calculus courses in both high school and college (at the University of Arizona). He was in the Air Force as an Engineering Apprentice and plans to finish his degree in computer science. He enjoys learning about and practicing math. He has aways helped friends in school with their math struggles and loved seeing them 'get' it.

Favorite Math Joke: Why should you be cautious around a math teacher with graphing paper? -- They're definitely plotting something! 

Fun Facts: He loves to run. He ran competitively (cross-country and track) for 6 years in school and still runs and hikes frequently. 

Scott| Lead Math Instructor | Mathnasium of Gilbert

Scott, @Home Instructor

Scott studied at Northern Arizona University and earned a degree a Mathematics in 2017. He tutored math before on a voluntary basis before working at Mathnasium. For him, it's not just about the math, it's encouraging as many people as possible to get into a STEM program for college. These fields are a foundation of future education. 

Favorite Math Joke:  My girlfriend is like the square root of -100. A perfect 10 but imaginary. 

Fun Facts: He grew up in San Diego where his parents own a whole sale plant nursery (for over 30 years!). He enjoys a good game of poker and aspires to be a pod-caster.

Courtney | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertCourtney, Instructor

Courtney is an extreme Math enthusiast and believes that Mathematics is the key to describing all things beautiful. She graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Mathematics and has goals of obtaining her PhD in Applied Mathematics to eventually become a professor at university. She absolutely adores helping others understand Mathematics in a way that makes most sense to them. She believes that Math is about approaching problems from the right angle (as an ideal, not 90 degrees) based on individual thinking. With immense passion and enthusiasm, Courtney hopes to inspire students to believe in their own unique ability to understand and use math in a way that works for them.

Favorite Math Joke: Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip? To get to the other... um...

Fun Facts: Courtney has an extensive vinyl record and VHS tape collection! She also enjoys DJing, learning new things, and old houses. Her favorite food is burritos and she only does math in her special black pen. Hooray for Math!

Morgan | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertMorgan, Instructor

Morgan has a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering from ASU. She intends to go back to school for a graduate degree in Applied Mathematics. She believes math is an elegant and beautiful language universally spoken. A proper understanding of math opens doors to gaining a deeper understanding of the world and our experiences in it. She finds it fulfilling to help students build a solid mathematical foundation so they can excel in whatever they choose to persue. 

Favorite Math Joke: How do you find the velociraptor? -- You take the integral of the acceleraptor.

Fun Facts: She loves hiking and nature, especially growing plants. She taught Science and English at a middle school in Italy for a semester. She plays piano and viola. 

Trent | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertSusie, Instructor

Susie is currently in high school and is taking Calculus! Math has always been her favorite subject and a topic that she is always interested in learning more about. She wants to help others understand math concepts in an easier and more efficient way. Experiencing students grasp and comprehend a concept excites her because the progress and process of building a fundamental foundation for the future can be seen, no matter what career is pursued. In the future, I hope to major in Biology and enter the medical field.

Favorite Math Joke: Why is the obtuse triangle always upset? -- Because it is never right. 

Fun Facts: She enjoys playing the violin and is currently in her school orchestra and a symphony orchestra outside of school. She also loves giving back to the community and volunteers at a hospital.  

Dylan | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertMathew, Instructor 

  1. Mathew is a High school Senior currently in AP statistics, with several years of experience of teaching peers. He enjoys math and feels that with the correct instruction others can come to enjoy it as well.

Favorite Math Joke: Math class is the only place where it is normal to have 65 ¼ watermelons in your car.

Fun Facts: He loves to swim and spend time with his family, and is very interested in the STEM field.

Trent | Math Instructor | Mathnasium of GilbertEstevan, @Home Instructor

He is currently in high school and taking Calculus AB (Calculus 1). He remembers being tutored for two years when he was younger at Mathnasium of Gilbert and he was always amazed at how passionate everyone was about Math at the center. He wants to pay that forward to the next generation of students looking for Math help. What he learnt as a Mathnasium student earlier, he still uses it everyday to help his students today!

Favorite Math Joke: Why should you never believe a clock? -- It’s usually second hand information.

Fun Facts: He loves to listen to music, play video games, and eat junk food.

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