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How are your kids doing in their math class?

Feb 2, 2018

  How are your kids doing in their math class? Are they falling behind or, getting A's? Regardless, Mathnasium can make a HUGE difference in their lives. If they're struggling in their math homework and tests, we can help them by increasing...

Is your daughter ready to lead into the future?

Jan 17, 2018


Word Problem Wednesday: Gingerbread Cookies

Dec 20, 2017

Q: How do elderly gingerbread people walk around? A: With candy canes! As you’re baking your tasty treats this holiday season, remember to bring your math skills with you into the kitchen—and everywhere! You can start with this week’s word pro...

Word Problem Wednesday: Weights and Measures

Dec 14, 2017

When it comes to math challenges, sometimes you have to think outside the box, but for this week’s word problem challenge, we want you to think INSIDE the box! Read below to help Brianna figure out how much stuff she can put in the box she has. Do...

Word Problem Wednesday: Alice's Allowance

Nov 29, 2017

One of the best ways to practice math skills is with money math! Do you get an allowance? In this week’s word problem challenge, Alice wants to know how long it will take her to save up for a video game using only her allowance money. Can you help...

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