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News from Mathnasium of Glendora

Word Problem Wednesday: Sea Turtles and Their Numbers

Oct 10, 2019

Even math tutors love sea turtles. What’s not to love about these beautiful creatures that live 50 years or more and can travel upwards of 12,000 miles during their lifetimes? Another amazing fact about sea turtles is that, according to the World Wildlife Organization, “In a single nesting season, females lay between two and six clutches of eggs, each containing 65 to 180 eggs.” Furthermore, sea turtles have been swimming around the earth’s oceans for 110 MILLION years, although they are now on the endangered species list due to human fishing practices.

While it’s hard to top the “awww!” factor of a sea turtle, baby sea turtles are even more adorable. Can you solve today’s word problem challenge about sea turtles and their babies? Use your multiplication and division skills to find the answer. When you're ready, look below to check your solution against ours.

Question: A baby green sea turtle weighs 4 ounces. A fully grown green sea turtle weighs 350 pounds. How many times the weight of a baby sea turtle is the fully grown green sea turtle?