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Our Results

At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

See what people say about Mathnasium


Hear What Parents Say About Mathnasium of Glendora


 N.C.          April 4, 2018

This is the second time my daughter returns in three years. Bon is a savvy, mathematician himself willing to work with parents who are interested providing math support for their children. His math assistants are kind and extremely helpful. I'm also thankful for Bon's way of creating incentives that keep my daughter eager to return for more learning. I wish other Mathnasiums would learn from you Bon! 


C.C.           March 7, 2018

My son has learned so much from Mathansium since we have enrolled him last year. He is currently in 7th grade but has advanced so quickly that he is now way above 7th grade math. He seemed to be more motivated and enjoys learning math much more than before. We have tried Kumon, private tutors and other math tutoring organizations in the past, but by far Mathansium works best for my son.


G.N.           March 2, 2018

My son has only gone for a month but it is amazing how much he enjoys attending. I have seen some improvement although we still have a way to go but the staff all are great and patient.


X.C.            February 25, 2018

First to all, Bon is a wonderful person. The people that work there are very nice to the kids. In terms of the work the kids do correlate with the work at school. My kids are very happy.


D.C.          February 4, 2018

Mathnasium is the best! My daughter is in 6th grade and.she loves going. The math helpers are very patient and encouraging. She has been going to Mathnasium since September and now gets A's on most of her tests. I would highly recommend.


R.C.          January 26, 2018

My daughter loves the staff and has maintained an A in math.


M.C          January 25, 2018

My daughters are now a grade level above because they can go at their own pace. The tutors are great. It's a wonderful learning environment.


J.D.          October 28, 2017

Mathnasium has been great assessing where my kids are and helping fill in gaps. Their one on one teaching has been terrific in teaching my kids concepts that they were struggling with. It's great to see them getting it and enjoying math!


R.C.          October 25, 2017

My daughter enjoys going to Mathnasium. Staff is friendly and attentive.


S.S.          October 17, 2017

Excellent dedicated staff who have benefited by math talented girl greatly.


S.L.           October 8, 2017

The program is so great. I believe my kid needs to do math works everyday. It is so hard to do it inside house, because she thinks it is not necessary. But once I took her to the place she needs to work on it, she has no choice. Providing the speical place and time is important for kids because they understand it is time to start work on it. I like this program, because I can ask my kid of math work at least 5 times a week. Keep activating her brain during summer break will help for coming school year. This program is little expensive, but it is worth for my kid. Thank you.


M.C.        September 24, 2017

We loved Mathnasium. Everyone was Awesome and so helpful. Thank you for a great experience!! You get an A+ and 5 Stars!!


A.A.         September 1, 2017

Mathnasium offers individual care and attention to all its students.


S.K.          August 24, 2017

My son has been going to Glendora Mathnasium for over a year now. He has struggled with Math since 10 grade. The tutors there are very helpful. It is good learning environment. Bon is great and very supportive of my son. They all want their students to do well. I highly recommend Mathnasium. Keep up the good work!


R.A.          August 9, 2017

The tutors are very knowledgeable and helpful! My kids have confidence knowing they will get the help they need especially before their exams.


L.W.         July 30, 2017

Both of my kids are enjoying the class, instructors are friendly and available to all the kids. We are looking forward to continue when school starts. 


L.A.N.      July 8, 2017 

It made my daughter almost like math! In only one day!


L.V.          July 6, 2017 

I love and appreciate the time and effort put in to every one of my 3 children that attend Mathnasium. Thank you for your awesomeness Mr. Bon! 


M.M.       July 1, 2017

Mathnasium helps my boys to understand concepts they struggle with. We enjoy the quiet, clean setting.


 S.S.        June 16, 2017

Bon is very nice. He provided very details information before we signed up our son. They really have a good program in a way my son is really enjoying to learn math. I can see all of the tutors are very passionate to teach each kid.


S.S.         June 13, 2017

Bon and each staff member are amazing! They care about my child (and every child) and it shows! My daughter has made AMAZING progress and loves Mathnasium!!! She has jumped grade levels in only a few months!


Y.C.         June 12, 2017

My daughter had a C in math when she started going to Mathnasium. In a month, her grade had improved to a B. She now has an A and understands everything in her math class. Like we were told when she started, what she would get out of her tutoring depended on how often she attended her tutoring lessons. We made it a point to be at Mathnasium almost every day and the results gave spoken for themselves. I'm very happy with my daughter's improvement in math and I know she's a lot more confident in her work now.


S.V.         June 4, 2017

The Best Center for Math learning.


V.I.          June 2, 2017

I couldn't be more pleased with Mathnasium. They have excellent tutors and my teenage son has learned an abundant amount of math skills. My son is now in honors geometry for his freshment year. Without the efforts of Mathnasium this wouldn't be possible. I'm very grateful for all that they've done for my son.


T.S.        June 1, 2017

My son loves going to Mathnasium. He leaves feeling happy and confident. The staff are excellent. It's a clean, nice environment to work in.


L.N.        May 26, 2017

Bon was amazing. I learned right along with my daughter. He made it very easy to understand and remember.


M.U.       May 22, 2017

It has really helped our daughter with her math knowledge. 


S.K.        May 12, 2017

My son Ethan enjoys the learning from Mathnasium Teaching Team. His grades have been stable for this year overall all.


R.A.        May 12, 2017

The Mathnasium team under Bon continues to really help my children understand math in a much simpler way. There are days where my children tell me "Mom I really need Mathnasium today". They know they will get the help and guidance they need when they are struggling with a concept. Thank you!


M.M.        April 8, 2017

Mathnasium of Glendora is an excellent choice for math tutoring! My kids get great instruction from knowledgeable tutors who spend time individually with them to answer their questions and help them understand even higher level math concepts. I love that they can come as often as they need and the environment is friendly, comfortable and quiet. Mathnasium is a great value as my 10th grader's test scores have skyrocketed to 100% on nearly every closed book test in Algebra 2 and my 8th grader has gained greater focus and motivation to complete his Algebra 1 math assignments in the two months they have been attending Mathnasium.


L.V.         April 1, 2017

I feel blessed to have my girls in Mathnasium! I appreciate the professional yet personal approach the staff takes with my daughters.


D.V.         March 14, 2017

My 8 year old daughter has had great difficulty with math since kindergarten. I have noticed in the short time she has attended Mathnasium her confidence increasing while solving her addition math facts. We are thrilled.


L.O.         February 5, 2017

My son has been improving his math grades and he is too happy with his tutoring.


L.A.         February 5, 2017

My daughter has made progress in her math grade and understanding the material by the tutors.


E.S.        January 31, 2017

Friendly, knowledgeable and attentive staff. Conductive place for study. Tutoring was effective - helped my son understand Physics, Calculus and raise test scores higher.


E.C.         January 7, 2017

My son was very impressed to have tutors explain him, how to work math problems that way that it was easy for him to understand. He will continue going with you. Thank you you are very appreciated.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do children struggle with math?

Have you ever watched a foreign film without subtitles? You can usually get a good idea of what is going on, but do you really understand the point of the movie?  If a student is missing key foundational math skills, it makes it very difficult to keep up in class. They feel confused and frustrated...much the same way you felt while watching that movie and not understanding the language.

Most schools treat kids the same because it is assumed that all kids learn the same way and at the same rate. The teachers are expected to cover vast amounts of material in a short period of time. If your child doesn't get a chance to master a skill for whatever reason – that's too bad. Teachers must move quickly to stay “on schedule". As a result, we see many kids fall behind in math.

What happens next?   The class moves on! Here come multiplication facts, fractions, percentages, decimals, mixed numbers, exponents, ratios, x=?, divisibility rules, algebra, geometry, equations. It never slows down so your child can catch up! They feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, and all alone! They begin to expect and accept failure as the "new normal" and think "I'm just not good in math!" They lose all confidence in themselves and all of their other grades begin to suffer.

Is it any wonder why you have to fight with them to do their homework? With many kids, it is easier for them to fight you and not do the work than to put the effort into it only to see failure again. After a while, it just doesn't seem worth the effort for them.


How is Mathnasium different?

Great Question! The very first thing we do is give your child a skills assessment. We give them both a written and oral assessment so that we can get a deep understanding of not only what they know, but how they think! We sit down with them, put them at ease, and give them an assessment that doesn't feel too easy or too hard. Most importantly, we find out HOW THEY LEARN! Then we build their trust by giving them a few ideas and strategies that they can use immediately. We then build a customized learning plan that targets skill gaps and quickly shows them success. In many cases “success” in math is something they have been craving!


Why is confidence in math important?

It's not just important: It's critical! Kids need to see that they can do the work so that they can feel confident! This fresh, new confidence will spill over to many other areas of your child's life. At this point you will start to see peace at home! You won't be having to fight with them to do homework. Not only will they have the confidence and the skills to attack it but they'll start bringing home better grades from school. How do we know this? Because we have seen it over and over again with hundreds of students!