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Mathnasium@Home Frequently Asked Questions

Mar 30, 2020


Mathnasium@Home- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q&A for parents and guardians that explains the details for Mathnasium@Home, the two-way live interactive online platform for learning Math: taught in real time by Mathnasium’s experienced Math instructors over the Internet.



What is Mathnasium@Home?
Mathnasium@home is our online learning platform using our instructors to provide face-to-face math instruction in real-time over the Internet to our students. It is a combination of various tools like digital while boards, video conferencing/chat and real time collaboration over Internet. The Learning Experience is quite similar to how they would study normally, in-person 
at our Center. These are NOT pre-recorded lessons or videos like Khan Academy. Rather these are our instructors teaching your child during that live session.

Study material is digital pages from each student’s customized learning plan. These give you and your child the convenience and saving of time when they cannot make it to our center due to logistical issues or their busy schedule or an extraordinary situation like the school closures at present. It allows them to keep their Math learning intact and not fall behind.

Will my child be able to get comfortable with this method even if we are not technology savvy?

Absolutely, YES! Just as children and their schools have adopted remote online learning, they surely can master this. Children are much more tech savvy than adults and in fact enjoy this ‘cool’ digital mode! Some younger children prone to distraction in classroom setting have actually got more focused work done with this one-to-one interaction with their Mathnasium instructors. And our system would provide a much richer learning experience (than remote school work where they have to mostly do self-study) as with our system they get taught by an instructor live and can always
ask questions/get help on trouble shooting for any tech issues. Instructors will keep their motivation high and keep them accountable for making progress.

What computers/tablets are supported for Mathnasium@home?
Any Laptop or desktop with Windows operating system with internet access can be used. Currently the application will not work on iPad, Smart Phones or Android tablets (iPad support is coming soon). It may also not work on certain Chromebooks for security reasons or if Chromebook’s processor is not fast enough.

What browsers can be used for Mathnasium@home?
Currently, the application will work best with Google chrome.