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The best way to see if we are a good fit for your child’s needs is to visit our center, meet the instructors and get a Complimentary Math Skills Assessment.  

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We hope that you will schedule your child’s free assessment today. Our Mathnasium diagnostics will help us to accurately assess your child’s academic needs. Our student-centered assessments will guide us as we determine the course of action that will best serve your child. We are here to help you find out which math tutoring program will fit all of your academic needs at our Hancock Park learning center.  

I think my child is gifted at math. Does Mathnasium have a program for that?

Absolutely! Since Mathnasium of Centennial Hills always adheres to an individualized approach, even students who are advanced in math will benefit from our tutoring. Students from a variety of skill levels and abilities will receive the same attention and care from our tutors. We use customized lessons designed around each child’s respective math needs. 

My child used to excel at math and just recently has started to fall behind. Can Mathnasium help?

Unfortunately, we hear this a lot. Traditional K-12 curriculums often “teach to the test”, which requires students to memorize information without truly synthesizing it.  Attending and participating in math class may not always result in the practical understanding of mathematical concepts. Through no fault of their own, students may not be making the connections necessary to build their math knowledge, and may begin to slip behind.

As students struggle in math class, they often disengage from the material, which only creates more challenges. Luckily, at Mathnasium of Centennial Hills, using our assessment tools and highly qualified mathematics tutors, we will be able to ascertain where your child veered off track, and will immediately take steps to correct the course. Our goal is to build a strong math foundation beneath all of our students, so that they will be equipped with the confidence and skills they need to face any math challenge.


Will 1:1 tutoring at Mathnasium help my child?

Mathnasium differs from traditional private tutoring because we help students build lasting mathematical knowledge that not only helps students improve their test scores, but also serves as a resource they can refer back to throughout their lives. While private tutors mean well, they may not be qualified to teach the essential mathematical concepts that will truly make a lasting difference in your child’s academic experience.

Our students establish an in-depth understanding of math. Students will feel confident that they can work through math challenges rather than simply attempting to memorize information for the test. Mathnasium’s programs will lead to a boost in your child’s self-confidence. Over time, they will learn how to approach math equations in the most efficient way, and ultimately, they will demonstrate a deeper understanding of math. We will help to demystify math and make sure that your child is equipped for future success.  

Mathnasium sounds great! Are you sure it’s the best option for my child?

Yes! We provide top-notch academic services in a comfortable, safe, and sociable environment. Mathnasium values hard work and we honor each students’ academic individuality. Our Hancock Park team is here to create a rigorous academic program that compliments each child and helps him/her to improve math skills for the long-term. As we get to know your child and their learning style, we will tailor our tutoring to target the concepts that they find particularly challenging. We know that those challenges can be mitigated and resolved.

Periodically, we will check-in with students to ensure their progress and mastery of math skills. We know that eventually, your child will develop confidence in math that will boost their academic achievements. Our highly qualified, trained teachers have witnessed countless success stories that have resulted from the use of the Mathnasium Method™. Students leave Mathnasium feeling confident, knowledgeable, and ready to succeed in academics and beyond.

Call Now (323) 643-9100 and Let's Get Started!

Why is confidence in math important?

It's not just important, It's critical! Kids need to see that they can do the work so that they can feel confident! This fresh, new confidence will spill over to many other areas of your child's life. At this point you will start to see peace at home! You won't be having to fight with them to do homework. Not only will they have the confidence and the skills to attack it but they'll start bringing home better grades from school. How do we know this? Because we have seen it over and over again with hundreds of our students!

How does Mathnasium address Common Core?

We hear this question a lot and find that parents are frustrated and confused how they are suppose to help their child with common core. Learn more about how Mathnasium addresses the core issues here. 

Don’t wait for another semester to pass! Contact Mathnasium of Centennial Hills today for a free math evaluation for your student. Math just got easier!

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Where are your child’s math skills?

Both you and your child can take our interactive quizzes to see how much you remember! What grade are they in?