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Numerical Fluency and the Downfalls of Relying on Memorization in Math

Oct 11, 2018

You may have heard us use the term 'numerical fluency' when describing our Mathnasium Method and the goals we have when working with students. But what does this really mean?

"“Numerical Fluency” is the ability to “effortlessly recall—to know by heart.” Students should be able to tap into their reliable, quick, and knowable ways to answer “number facts” questions."

Numerical Fluency is about having a strong math foundation to grow on. It's about knowing the basics so thoroughly that you can recall them without much effort. This is not to be confused with memorization. Numerical Fluency involves a true understanding of the concepts and ideas, not just a strong memory. 

If you need to be convinced further, read our article that compares Numerical Fluency and memorization to hear the warnings of what could go wrong if you focus on memorization. Once you're convinced, come visit us at Mathnasium of Highlands Ranch so that we can help your student build Numerical Fluency for a strong math future!