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Growth Mindset in Math

Jan 24, 2019

Students arrive in our center with a wide variety of math experiences and beliefs about themselves as math thinkers. Their minds may be locked into false beliefs about their capacity to learn new math concepts and strategies. What is the Grow...

7 Things to Be Truly and Universally Thankful For

Nov 15, 2018

With Thanksgiving upon us, and the need for a universal pick-me-up, here are seven things we can all be truly grateful for: 1. WHAT GOES UP, MUST COME DOWN There are both successes and failures in life, and that is what gives us pers...

How To Choose the Right Calculator (If Any) for Your Child

Aug 13, 2018

Does your child need a calculator for school this year? If so, what kind?  Some of our recommendations may surprise you.   Trying to choose a calculator with the right features can feel intimidating. You don’t want to pay for features that w...


Aug 7, 2018

Child Ready Answers First Grade: 11 + 12 = ___ First, we teach kids to count by 1s, then by 2s, then by 5s and 10s. When they can count by 10s, they can add 10s. 11 is one more than 10, and 12 is 2 more than 10. Add the 10s ...

"Numerical Fluency" vs. Memorizing "Number Facts"

Jul 30, 2018

We want to introduce the importance of “numerical fluency” and learning basic “number facts.” Picture this scenario. A teacher asks a classroom, “If you spend 70 cents, 80 cents, and 90 cents, how much did you spend altogether?” The teache...

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