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Junior Year and the SATs

May 2, 2017

The Five Tips to Math Success in SAT’s.

Onset of April causes many high school juniors a great deal of stress. They just finished their midterms in late March and they only have one more chance to bring up their scores before the school year ends. On top of that, they also have the stress of the impending SATs.


Text Box:  But why stress about something that doesn’t need to be stressful? Today we share five tips for SAT success that can exponentially increase your child’s SAT scores.






Tip#1: Start Young

While in kindergarten you did not need to worry about the SATs, as a freshman you do! Starting to study for the SATs as young as 8th grade or freshman year is the perfect time for reviewing complicated analogies or math ideas that may not be so clear. It could be as simple as twenty minutes a day. Have your child complete a ten minute math problem in the morning and a ten minute reading comprehension problem at night.


Tip #2: Focus on Weaknesses

Many children have tendencies to work on the things that they already know. This is good, but not the most efficient way of improving reading comprehension or math skills. Therefore, a key to success is to challenge yourself constantly. For instance, have your child look at a complicated sample SAT math problem and go over that problem together. If needed, get them to a math learning center like Mathnasium of Avon where they can work on weak areas without fear!


Tip #3: Complete Practice Tests

This may seem obvious, but many people simply don’t do it. One way of relieving anxiety about the SATs is to practice the SATs so much that your child becomes nearly bored with the idea of taking the SATs. For example, many professional boxers at the highest level will say that their nerves for a championship title match was less than their first amateur boxing match. This is because they know what to expect and have practiced so many times before that the pressure is less severe.


Tip #4: One Thing at A time

As the old saying says, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Yes, it’s important to follow tip number two (Focus on Weaknesses), but make sure to only focus on one thing at a time. There is no sense in focusing on all weaknesses at once. It can become overwhelming and difficult if a child moves on to another subject before becoming adept at the previous one.


Tip #5: Get More Sleep

Text Box:  Not only will this benefit students’ physical health, but it also allows them to think more accurately and clearly. As Math/SAT tutor Anthony James Green says, "If most students just added one hour to their sleep schedule each night, they'd see their scores rise ~5-10% almost automatically, even without studying." Wow, something so simple and yet so effective.



For more on how your child can prepare better for SATs, schedule their Math Assessment with us at Mathnasium of Avon today. We make math make sense!