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News from Mathnasium of Huntersville

Avoid Lapses in Learning this Winter Break

Dec 28, 2020

The holidays and 2021 are upon us and with that comes breaks from school, whether that be online learning or in-person instruction. On average, students spend about two weeks away from school and away from learning; this year, even more. This time away without any critical thinking, repetition, or exploration can cause regression. Regression can be defined as the loss of a learned skill. 

Think of it like a car, the more it sits without being driven, the more rust the engine evokes, and other parts fall apart until eventually the car doesn’t start. While this metaphor insinuates a longer amount of time, the same is true with math learning. Take multiplication for example, if a student is beginning to practice new multiplication facts before winter break and doesn’t practice at all over the course of their break, they have not advanced at all in their learning and they may have forgotten the facts they learned previously. 

While regression of multiplication facts may not sound like a serious issue, there are other problems with lapses in learning. According to Ann Logsdon, a school psychologist, some students can have major effects from losses of learning including an inability to store concepts in long term memory and the amount of time and instruction they need to recover that can put them further and further behind (Logsdon, 2020)

However, there are a few ways to avoid learning lapses this season while still enjoying some of your favorite activities!


Whip out some fun kid-friendly recipes for some measurement fun! Baking is a way to get your kids involved in some math learning. Have them read the recipe aloud and measure out each ingredient. You can also askquestions such as “What if I need to double the recipe?” This will require some critical thinking skills get your child excited to learn. Don’t forget to enjoy those tasty treats afterwards!



Include Kids in Your Daily Shopping

Set up a budget beforehand that allows you to stay on track while your child is also learning money concepts. After you pick each item, have your child subtract the amount of the item from your budget and tell you how much you have left. This is also a great way to identify different coins and break change by paying in cash. We can’t begin to tell you how many kids come to Mathnasium struggling with the value of money since it isn’t nearly as prevalent anymore.

Make Crafts

Another great way to get your kids involved is to get crafty! Pick out a few supplies and have them make crafts. Building things requires a lot of math. How many popsicle sticks does it take to make a birdhouse? Homemade crafts are always the best gifts and it will keep your child engaged and active!


Get Outside 

Whether it’s collecting pine cones for potpourri or figuring out the geometry of snowflakes, fresh air is always a good idea! Using the temperature as a way to incorporate some math learning by asking “If it was 10 degrees warmer outside, what would the temperature be?”


Enroll at Mathnasium!

Mathnasium is open 5 days a week so that even when your child’s school is closed, they can continue learning the skills they need to be successful in 2021. We develop a learning plan that is specific to your child and pinpoints areas that they struggle in. We use this time off school as a way to accelerate learning, not regress. When next semester rolls around, our Mathnasium kids are ready to go!

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