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The Positive Impact MATH NIGHT Has on Students’ Success in Math

Aug 30, 2017

As parents and math educators, we have a common goal: We want to improve our students’ success in math. 
At Mathnasium, we not only want to see students fill in gaps, extend their understanding, and build confidence, but we also want to watch students have fun while improving their success in math. When they’re having fun, they enjoy math. Math is no longer something that causes fear and anxiety; instead, it is something they use to explore the world around them. 

What is a MATH NIGHT? 

At a MATH NIGHT, your child will have fun and build confidence while playing Mathnasium developed and/or evaluated games. These games encourage students of all levels to use math skills. MATH NIGHTS hosted by local schools are completely sponsored by Mathnasium of Highlands Ranch. There is no cost to you or your child’s school. 
A MATH NIGHT has a positive impact on students’ success in math while connecting with their families, peers, and community. Mathnasium believes that using math skills in a positive, engaging environment empowers students to use math in a way that makes sense to them. By sponsoring a MATH NIGHT for local schools, Mathnasium wants to encourage all students to be inspired by math. We want all kids to have the confidence to explore, take risks, and improve their success in math. 

Benefits of MATH NIGHT to Improve Success in Math: 

  • Helps kids explore math at their own level through games and activities.

At MATH NIGHTs games and activities are set up to encourage students to use math skills to achieve goals. However, they can be successful despite their level of math understanding. 
  • Empowers all students to pursue STEM education and careers.

The activities at MATH NIGHT show all students that they can use math to be successful. They can see how they can use math in the real world and aspire to pursue those opportunities.  
  • Inspires creativity and innovation.

To complete the MATH NIGHT activities, students use their imagination to complete the games and activities. They learn that there is not a ‘right’ way to accomplish something. Instead, they can take risks and rely on their own ideas. 
  • Builds confidence while having fun. With success, students build confidence.

At a MATH NIGHT, students get to explore, imagine, and experiment with math in a way that builds success in math in a fun way. Instead of feeling anxiety about math, they get to build their confidence while having fun!
Contact Mathnasium of Highlands Ranch for more information about a MATH NIGHT at your child’s school! Call (303) 471-7501, email or visit our website at