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It's always sunny in San Diego!

Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Jeremy Quizon, Center Director

4+ Year Mathnasium Veteran

Jeremy has been the Center Director since 2019, having previously served as Assistant Center Director of Mathnasium of 4S Ranch for two years. Not only is he phenomenal at math, but he has been a part of helping over a thousand kids improve in his time with the team! Jeremy thrives on student progress and customer service.   

Why do you love Mathnasium?  Having fun with youngins and nerding out on math are two of my favorite things. At Mathnasium, I get to do things I love, so it never feels like "work!"

Fun Fact:  I play guitar in my church band!


Eric, Instructor

Education: College sophomore

Why He Loves Math: Math allows Eric to understand the world through numbers and equations.  

Why do you love Mathnasium?  The best part of working at Mathnasium is it allows him to help our mathletes see math many different ways.

Fun Fact: Eric can spell very challenging scientific terms easily.


Landon, Instructor

Education: Landon is a senior at La Costa Canyon High School

Why He Loves Math: Landon appreciates math because it is straight forward black and white answers. 

Why do you love Mathnasium?  The best part of working at Mathnasium is he gets to share his knowledge and mastery with others.   

Fun Fact: Landon's favorite food is bananas.


Fred, Instructor

5 Year Mathnasium Veteran

Fred is sharing a part of his retirement by dispensing his broad mathematical knowledge with our students. He is patient and thorough, making sure all steps are understood in the process. He works with our middle level math students in making prealgebra, algebra, and the prerequisite levels of math more easily understood.

Why He Loves Math: Fred likes math because it is logical and he is very logical. 

Fun Fact: Fred was on his high school and college bowling teams before they had automated scoring machines. 



 Allen, Instructor

Education: College

Why He Loves Math: Math can be challenging, but when it clicks it makes sense.

Why do you love Mathnasium?  Allen loves when he meets a student who isn't that keen on math understand a concept when explained is a way that makes sense to them!  

Fun Fact: Allen loves burritos!


Maggie, Instructor

Education: Student at Cal State San Marcos

Why She Loves Math: Maggie loves math because it challenges her to think outside the box. 

Why do you love Mathnasium?  Maggie loves Mathnasium because it is a warm and welcoming place where kids can be their best and grow!  

Fun Fact: Sunflowers are Maggie's favorite kind of flower.


Kathryn, Instructor

Education: Student at University of Virginia

Why She Loves Math: Math is truth. Math is an entire universe that is built in the minds of those who work with it. Math is both logical and practical. It can often be used to find answers where none have existed before. To Kathryn, math provides an unending ability to learn about people and the world around me. 

Why do you love Mathnasium?  Mathnasim is not only a great place to work because of my colleagues and students, but being able to help change the mind of a student who has had bad experiences with it in the past. Kathryn enjoys helping everyone, from struggling students to an enrichment one, in advancing their math knowledge!  

Fun Fact: Kathryn has moved over 8 times and has changed schools 11 times.


AJ, Instructor

Education: Student at San Diego Miramar College

Why He Loves Math: Math versus all things in the world, it makes sense and it never fails you. 

Why do you love Mathnasium?  AJ loves Mathnasium because is gives kids a whole different perspective on how to take on mathematics and be successful at it. It also gives me insight on how to approach the subject itself!  

Fun Fact: AJ plays four sports, basketball, ice hockey, lacrosse and golf.


William, Math Beast

Education: High School

Why He Loves Math: Math is everywhere and is used to solve many world problems. I love math because I am good at it and is a tool I use every day.. 

Why do you love Mathnasium?  MI was a student at Mathnasium and found the environment very friendly! I finished math with peak performance during my time here!  

Fun Fact: William runs the Dungeon and Dragons Club at SDA.

Meet Our Ownership Team

Karen Lossing is the center director/owner of the math learning center Mathnasium of 4S Ranch.

Karen Lossing, Executive Director

Karen earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Penn State and spent ten years in the business community. After staying at home with her kids, she earned her Texas Teaching certification and went on to teach third and fifth grades and Special Ed for seven years. In addition, she served on the Response to Intervention team and was the district liaison for Math Curriculum and Instruction. Karen completed her Master’s degree in 2010 and, prior to moving from Texas, served three years on her elementary school’s administration team incorporating and facilitating 21st Century learning standards.  

Karen has been a proud franchisee with Mathnasium since 2013 and looks forward to making math make sense to all the kids who learn at Mathnasium. Since opening her first location, Karen has been recognized by Mathnasium as a Top Performing Franchise Owner. Karen received the Exceptional People award in 2016 for her ability to hire and train one of the strongest instructional teams through Mathnasium. Karen has also been awarded in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 for having Top Performing locations. She currently serves on the Mathnasium Franchise Advisory Committee, which helps guide Mathnasium Headquarters as it makes key decisions about the direction of the company. Often our center has the opportunity to pilot new curriculum or student management systems prior to global launches, allowing us to serve our students in the best way possible.

Steve Lossing, Executive Director 

Steve is the proud co-owner of multiple Mathnasium Learning Centers in Southern California, Arizona and Texas. Steve retired in 2018 from Petco, where he served as the Chief Stores Officer. He also served as the Treasurer and a Board Member of the Petco Foundation, a leading supporter of animal welfare organizations nationally. He now works full-time with his wife, Karen, two children, Libby and Evan and their terrific Mathnasium teams.  

Steve believes Mathnasium not only builds students' math skills, but also helps build their self-confidence. The Mathnasium method of teaching students math, the unique and customized curriculum for each student and the passionate team of instructors ensures that every student succeeds, whether they are catching up, keeping up or getting ahead!

Libby Lossing, Director of Operations

After serving as a seasonal Mathnasium Instructor since 2013, Libby graduated from UCLA in March 2017 and joined our team as the Director of Operations. While she is no stranger to the instruction and tutoring aspects of our center, Libby focuses on the community involvement side of our operations. She has founded Teacher Appreciation Programs in San Diego, California and Phoenix, Arizona with local school districts and news teams. If you have any school events or sponsorship opportunities you would like Mathnasium to be involved in, Libby is your girl! Please feel free to send sponsorship information to and Libby will be in touch!

In addition to her role as Director of Operations, Libby also serves as our Regional Director in Arizona, overseeing the learning centers in the Phoenix area. She is proud to partner with our Center Directors and Instructional Teams to deliver the Mathnasium Method to students across the Valley of the Sun.


Evan Lossing, Director of Human Resources

Evan's professional experience with Mathnasium began in 2013 when his family opened their first math learning center. Evan spent many summers and holiday breaks working as an Instructor. After graduating his bachelors degree in Business Management at Texas Tech, he began working as the Director of Operations for our family enterprise and has now relocated back to his hometown in Collin County (Dallas, Texas)!

Evan is excited to work with our students and continue their progress with math. He, himself, struggled with math when he was in elementary school and with supplemental support was able to not only close my gaps but got into an accelerated math curriculum by the time he entered high school. 

Evan is a stickler for customer service and meeting and exceeding your expectations. He welcomes your recommendations. He looks forward to meeting you and sharing his passion for education with our mathletes.