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Now teaching online! Help your child Catch Up, Keep Up & Get Ahead from the comfort of your own home!

Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Jana Frank, Owner

Jana is a former Chicago Public School teacher with degrees in psychology, education, and mathematics. She was individually selected to work under Dr. Paul Sally, the leading professor of the mathematics department at the University of Chicago who created the Everyday Math Program. In collaboration with him, she spent her summers bringing math enrichment to underprivileged students from the south side of Chicago. She has over ten years of private tutoring experience with students of all ages and levels, ranging from special education instruction with children with autism and ADHD to gifted enrichment, as well as test preparation for the college entrance exams ACT/SAT. After teaching multiple grades and subjects for over half a decade in the public schools, Jana has developed a passion for creating math curriculum that focuses on conceptual understanding and lasting fundamental knowledge rather than drill and memorization. Mathnasium, with its focus on number sense, has provided the perfect forum through which Jana can offer best practice in mathematical instruction and learning.

Fun Fact: In her free time, Jana practices flying trapeze and acrobatics!

Anthony Paparo, Regional Director

Anthony graduated from Elmhurst College with a degree in Mathematics and Physics.  He has had a passion for math for a long time and worked as a Calculus tutor during his time spent at Elmhurst, while also working as a researcher at the BITS Physics Lab in Elmhurst.  During his studies in college, he focused heavily on math courses that complement the study of physics, such as Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers.  After graduating, he spent time applying his skills in the field of Data Analysis for nearly 2 years.  His excitement towards helping others learn and understand mathematical concepts has led him to find his calling with Mathnasium!  He is excited to do everything he can to help others become more confident in their math abilities. Anthony was previously the Director of Instruction at Mathnasium of Oak Park/River Forest and the Center Director at Mathnasium of La Grange, and is excited to be the Regional Director of Mathnasium of  La Grange, Oak Park/River Forest, Mount Prospect, and Shorewood!

Fun Fact: Anthony's favorite holiday is Halloween and he celebrates it year-round!

Jamal Riley, Director of Operations

Jamal is an undergraduate at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Majoring in Computer Engineering, he is on the road to his goal of one day becoming an engineer and an educator. A versatile learner, he is also studying business and working toward a teaching certificate. Jamal loves to teach because he believes that it goes beyond helping students with math. Although he has a high passion for STEM subjects, Jamal believes that the best part about teaching is building a mentoring relationship and connecting with the youth of today. Above all, he loves to be supportive of those around him. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Jamal has had many opportunities to teach STEM subjects in underdeveloped neighborhoods, teaching and assisting youth as young as preschool to as old as college undergraduates. In his free time, he dedicates his time to NSBE, an organization dedicated to community service, STEM subjects, and overall minority excellence. Jamal is thrilled to be able to spread his love and knowledge of math!

Fun Fact: Jamal loves Marvel comic books and movies!

Kaitlin Feely, Director of New Membership

Kaitlin is a recent graduate from Illinois Wesleyan University where she received her BFA in music theatre and a minor in mathematics. While music and performing have always been where her heart lies, COVID-19 has allowed her to pivot to her other passions of working with children and math! There is a definite link between music and math, and Kaitlin credits some of her success in both areas to her amazing mentors she has had along the way. She now hopes to be a mentor herself by using her energy and exuberance to create a fun and engaging learning experience for others. Prior to coming to Mathnasium, Kaitlin spent six summers at the Buffalo Grove Park District working as a camp counselor and site supervisor. She believes in the importance of providing kids with a variety of opportunities to discover their passions and to turn those passions into big dreams — and just maybe those dreams will start with math!

Fun Fact: Kaitlin was cast in a Broadway tour at the age of 10!

Jacob Friesen, Assistant Director of Education

Jacob is an Oak Park and River Forest High School graduate and currently a student at Dominican University in River Forest, working on a double major in Economics and Mathematics. Jacob thinks math is fun and can be exciting, and he often gives himself opportunities to figure out little problems here and there in creative ways. Jacob has done tutoring before through college classes, and he absolutely loves working with children in figuring out the math. Outside of math, Jacob likes to play video games and write down jokes for comedy skits or bits he's working on. The only things Jacob loves more than math are dogs. Jacob is happy to be a part of the Mathnasium team and is excited to work with all of the students!

Fun Fact: Jacob was born in Chad, Africa!


Art Keegan, Lead Instructor 

Art is an accomplished Financial Management Executive and retired Banker/Investment Manager. As a son of a former Chicago Public School Teacher, Art has embraced a new career in giving back to the La Grange community as a Substitute Teacher in District 102 and 204, as well as tutoring at the La Grange Mathnasium facility.  His honors track Math courses at Lyons Township inspired him to pursue a degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois (Champaign) and a Masters degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Chicago.  With a career in Banking and Trading ahead of him his facility for numbers and mental math came in handy. He used his math background to perform rigorous analysis of Sub Prime loans and developed statistical models to stress test customer behavior.  Art's Banking colleagues agreed that he had a flair for explaining difficult concepts in varied ways and that teaching would be a natural for him.

As Math tutor to his two sons who currently attend Lyons Township, Art found enrichment in the smiles his kids had when the "light bulb" went off and the Math concept made sense.  After a successful career of "climbing the Corporate ladder", Art was able to retire and pursue a career that he feels compassionate about and enjoys.  He hopes to inspire future generations of students in understanding that Math can be fun and interesting, as well as a strong foundation for future success in life. 

Fun Fact: Art has traveled to 48 countries and 6 continents, and hopes to make 100 countries and 7 continents before he considers his traveling complete!

Eloise Driscoll, Instructor

Eloise is currently a junior at Lyons Township High School and is excited to be taking Pre-Calculus Honors and meeting with the LT Math Team. She is a section leader of the LTHS Marching Band. Over the summer, Eloise was a counselor in training for Swift Nature Camp and had a blast canoeing, camping and fishing. On the weekends, she loves visiting thrift stores, playing video games and hanging out with her sister. Eloise wants to teach math in a way that makes sense and inspire kids to love math too. After college, Eloise is planning on going into statistics or math education.

 Fun Fact: Eloise won the National Geography Bee at her middle school!



Gabriel Ngwe, Instructor

Gabriel graduated from Williams College in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and from Loyola University in 2019 with a Master's degree. He worked as a Calculus tutor at Williams and gave lectures to students at Loyola. A Chicago native, Gabriel's really passionate about helping students grow and flourish mathematically. When he's not tutoring students in math, he likes to play videogames and basketball on the weekends. Gabriel plans to become a teacher in the future to help make math make sense for his students.

 Fun Fact: Gabriel once climbed a mountain in zero degree weather!


Chloe Reynolds, Instructor

Chloe is a Junior at Lyons Township high school. Currently, she is taking Pre-Calc, and has already completed Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. Before joining the Mathnasium team, Chloe was a private math tutor specializing in Algebra. Now, she is excited to tutor at Mathnasium and work with students at a variety of ages and levels. Chloe has always had deep rooted passion for math, and enjoys teaching others. Outside of tutoring, Chloe plays for the LT soccer team and participates in Athletic Training. She also plays club soccer and has been with her team for 7 years! By working at Mathnasium, Chloe hopes to gain experience working with children and spread her love of math to others. 

 Fun Fact: Chloe once broke her foot playing laser tag! Note: She was winning the game before the incident.


Maeve Seyer, Instructor

Maeve is currently a junior at Lyons Township High School where she has taken Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre Calculus, and is taking AP Calculus BC. Maeve has played volleyball since she was ten, and now plays for the LT volleyball team and Celtic Force VBC in her free time. She loves STEM, especially programming and technology. Maeve hopes to study computer programming in college, and become a software developer when she's older. Math has always been her favorite subject, and she hopes to make math more enjoyable for her students!

 Fun Fact: Maeve is learning to play guitar, and her favorite song to play is "Fine Line" by Harry Styles!

Caitlyn Dynes, Instructor

Caitlyn is a graduate from Lewis University with a degree in Middle Level Education with a Concentration in Math. She plans to go back to school to get a Math Degree and a Secondary Education endorsement. Throughout all 4 years of high school, she has had straight A's in all of her Math classes and has been passionate about Mathematics since even before high school. Among all topics in Math, Algebra is her favorite topic because of all the steps and the mystery letters. She loves breaking down problems to the very end because it feels like a puzzle! Caitlyn loves helping other students, including her own classmates when she was still in high school, because she loves that feeling when somebody has that light bulb above their head because of her! She is always willing to work on improving her teaching skills and herself as a person, which is why she also has two passions: painting nails/nail technician and teaching math. She couldn't choose which one she wanted to be, so she wants to be both! Part of the reason why she wants to be both is because, well, she has almost 300 bottles of nail polish! Either way, she is excited to share her passion for teaching math and tries to make it enjoyable as possible.

 Fun Fact: Caitlyn has visited haunted places such as the Winchester House and Alcatraz, and wants to go to even more haunted places! Scary!


Rory Keelan, Instructor

Rory Keelan is currently a sophomore at University of Chicago studying Computer Science. Raised in La Grange, Rory is excited about helping kids from around his hometown. His favorite thing about math is approaching it like solving a puzzle with numbers. On the weekends, Rory likes to fish, play guitar, and explore new areas on his bike. After college, Rory would like to be a computer science teacher and pass his love for the subject onto a new generation. 

 Fun Fact: If you go to 26:45 on S1 E5 of The Chef Show on Netflix, you'll see Rory eating a taco in the background!


Owen Karthieser, Instructor


Owen is a freshman in college attending Miami University in Ohio. The math courses that he has taken so far are Algebra 1, Algebra 2/trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus 1. Currently, he is taking a Calculus 2 course and is studying to become a high school math teacher which has motivated him to become employed at Mathnasium. He looks forward to teaching at mathnasium for the experience. He also is motivated to give children good and helpful math instruction during these challenging times. He loves working with kids as he has been a counselor at many camps 

Fun Fact: Owen plays three instruments and loves to write music!


Emily Hsieh, Instructor

Emily is a junior at Oak Park and River Forest High School. She is currently taking Calculus BC and has previously taken all of the prerequisites. She has also taken Intro to Computer Science and Computer Science Principles. Emily enjoys math because she appreciates solving problems. She was taught that math is a language, and she wants to help other people learn to love that language. Outside of math, Emily is passionate about robotics and business.

 Fun Fact: Emily used to Taekwondo -- and got her black belt when she was 10!!


Lauren Casey, Instructor

Lauren is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in mathematics. She love math, especially algebra! She has tutored for a total of 6 years. In college Lauren completed Algebra for Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I &II, and is currently taking Calculus III. She loves to help people who hate math and see it as a negative thing in their life, in order to change their perspective and open their eyes to loving math. Lauren's hobbies outside of math include graphic design, art, music, anything creative she can get her hands on.

Fun Fact: Lauren has lived in 6 states, 10 houses, and has gone to 7 different schools!

 Sara Gjorgjevska, Instructor

Sara is currently a sophomore at Lyons Township High School. She has taken Algebra and Geometry and is currently taking Trigonometry. She has always loved math and it’s always been her favorite subject! Sara loves math because she likes feeling the relief after learning a new concept or strategy and being able to apply it. Teaching kids is one of her favorite things because seeing them light up after learning something so challenging is always the best feeling.

Fun Fact: Sara loves baking in her free time!\