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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Jana Frank, Owner 

Jana is a former Chicago Public School teacher with degrees in psychology, education, and mathematics. She was individually selected to work under Dr. Paul Sally, the leading professor of the mathematics department at the University of Chicago who created the Everyday Math Program. In collaboration with him, she spent her summers bringing math enrichment to underprivileged students from the south side of Chicago. She has over ten years of private tutoring experience with students of all ages and levels, ranging from special education instruction with children with autism and ADHD to gifted enrichment, as well as test preparation for the college entrance exams ACT/SAT. After teaching multiple grades and subjects for over half a decade in the public schools, Jana has developed a passion for creating math curriculum that focus on conceptual understanding and lasting fundamental knowledge rather than drill and memorization. Mathnasium, with its focus on number sense, has provided the perfect forum through which Jana can offer best practice in mathematical instruction and learning. Jana is the current owner at Mathnasium of Oak Park/River Forest and is excited to bring Mathnasium to La Grange and join the community!

Fun Fact: Jana practices flying trapeze and acrobatics in her free time!


Anthony Paparo, Center Director

Anthony graduated from Elmhurst College in 2013 with a degree in Mathematics and Physics.  He has had a passion for math for a long time, and worked as a Calculus tutor during his time spent at Elmhurst, while also working as a researcher at the BITS Physics Lab in Elmhurst.  During his studies in college, he focused heavily on math courses which complement the study of physics, such as Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers.  After graduating, he spent time applying his skills in the field of Data Analysis for nearly 2 years.  His excitement towards helping others learn and understand mathematical concepts has led him to finding his calling with Mathnasium!  He is excited to do everything he can to help others become more confident in their math abilities. Anthony was previously the Director of Instruction at Mathnasium of Oak Park/River Forest, and he is excited to be the Center Director at Mathnasium of La Grange!

Fun Fact: Anthony's favorite holiday is Halloween, and he celebrates it year-round! 

Art Keegan, Lead Instructor 

Art is an accomplished Financial Management Executive and retired Banker/Investment Manager. As a son of a former Chicago Public School Teacher, Art has embraced a new career in giving back to the La Grange community as a Substitute Teacher in District 102 and 204, as well as tutoring at the La Grange Mathnasium facility.  His honors track Math courses at Lyons Township inspired him to pursue a degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois (Champaign) and a Masters degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Chicago.  With a career in Banking and Trading ahead of him his facility for numbers and mental math came in handy. He used his math background to perform rigorous analysis of Sub Prime loans and developed statistical models to stress test customer behavior.  Art's Banking colleagues agreed that he had a flair for explaining difficult concepts in varied ways and that teaching would be a natural for him.

As Math tutor to his two sons who currently attend Lyons Township, Art found enrichment in the smiles his kids had when the "light bulb" went off and the Math concept made sense.  After a successful career of "climbing the Corporate ladder", Art was able to retire and pursue a career that he feels compassionate about and enjoys.  He hopes to inspire future generations of students in understanding that Math can be fun and interesting, as well as a strong foundation for future success in life. 

Fun Fact: Art has traveled to 48 countries and 6 continents, and hopes to make 100 countries and 7 continents before he considers his traveling complete!


Corey Goetz, Instructor 

Corey is currently enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago, seeking a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Corey has enjoyed math from a young age, working his way up to Advanced Calculus by the end of his high school career. As a college student, he has continued his studies in mathematics, taking Differential Equations and Statistical Methods as well as various physics courses, including: Statics, Thermodynamics, and Electricity and Magnetism. Corey’s love of math comes from its universal nature and its ability to explain the phenomena which occur around us every day. He looks forward to continued growth as a person and student, and is excited to share his passion with others.

Fun Fact: Corey is a trained Sushi Chef!

SJ Kim, Instructor

SJ is a graduate from Grinnell College with a degree in Mathematics and is planning to go to school for data science. Among math subjects, SJ thinks statistics is very interesting, because statistics is the study of uncertainty. SJ recently moved to Illinois from Iowa, and was from the Republic of Korea before then. SJ loves to help people who are struggling for math, and he feels rewarding to help them out. SJ believes learning math helps people to have rational thought process, so that there is higher chance to make logical decisions. SJ also likes to practice boxing! SJ believes boxing is a very scientific sport which involves a lot of math and physics! 

Fun Fact: SJ served as a military police officer in the Republic of Korea Air Force for two years!


Andy Danbury, Instructor

Andy is currently a senior at Lyons Township High School, taking Calculus BC. Though, when he’s not finding areas under curves, he’s finding areas to curve his opponents on the basketball court for this upcoming church league season. He also has a great appreciation for numbers, in anything from writing code to playing jazz. Andy hopes to study physics in college, but is still enjoying his time in high school. He found another passion there in radio, and is a manager for the school’s award winning station, WLTL, at 88.1 FM, (which he doesn’t mind shamelessly promoting in a bio). Andy has always loved math for the same reason that Mathnasium promotes: it makes sense to him. He hopes to pass that feeling along. 

Fun Fact: Bravely refusing to conform to popular opinion, Andy thought the new "Mama Mia" movie was "just ok!"  

Sam Spratford, Instructor

Sam is currently a senior at Lyons Township High School, where shehas taken AP Calculus BC, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre Calculus with Trigonometry. Ever since elementary school, she’s been passionate about both math and helping others grow. This year, she had the opportunity to lead the LTHS marching band as drum major, and also loves playing flute in her free time. She appreciates all types of art: from music and film to the art of math itself. By working at Mathnasium, she hopes she’ll extend her love of math to the students and help them to see the systematic art within it. Sam thrives off of learning and challenging herself, and plans on attending a liberal arts college after high school.

Fun Fact: Sam is studying French and hopes to be fluent one day!


Jerry Ball, Instructor

Jerry is currently a senior at Nazareth Academy, and he hsa taken AP Calculus AB, Pre Calculus, Geometry, Algebra 1, AP Chemistry, and Algebra 2. Ever since his siblings were in school, he has loved helping them with their math homework. Now, he wants to further spread his love of math to others. He is part of Mu Alpha Theta and president of the Junior Math Team. He plans on continuing his journey by studying Chemical Engineering in college. Jerry wants kids to understand math and grow passionate about it, just like in the Mathnasium Method.

Fun Fact: Jerry can do a backflip on a pogo stick!



Nikki Williams, Instructor

Nikki is currently a senior at Lyons Township High School, taking Calculus BC. When she’s not working on math, she is a member of the LT marching band, Wind Ensemble, and varsity badminton team. Ever since she was younger, she has always considered math her favorite subject. She shows her love outside of the typical math classroom by taking physics courses and being the vice president of the LT math team. She hopes to continue her love for math in the future by studying engineering. She is excited to work at Mathnasium because it combines her love for math and working with kids, and she hopes she can make math enjoyable for the students.


Fun Fact: Nikki can sing "Row Your Boat" backwards!  


Eloise Driscoll, Instructor

Eloise is currently a junior at Lyons Township High School and is excited to be taking Pre-Calculus Honors and meeting with the LT Math Team. She is a section leader of the LTHS Marching Band. Over the summer, Eloise was a counselor in training for Swift Nature Camp and had a blast canoeing, camping and fishing. On the weekends, she loves visiting thrift stores, playing video games and hanging out with her sister. Eloise wants to teach math in a way that makes sense and inspire kids to love math too. After college, Eloise is planning on going into statistics or math education.

 Fun Fact: Eloise won the National Geography Bee at her middle school!



Matt Babik, Instructor

Matthew is a senior at Nazareth Academy and is currently in Calculus BC. He is a member of Mu Alpha Theta, and is the junior/senior Math team president at Nazareth. He is looking to study biophysics in college, and after which hopes to go to medical school to become a pediatric neurosurgeon. Matthew loves to tutor because he feels that nothing can make a person happier than understanding a subject and getting a great grade. Matthew has a passion for mathematics since an early age and now wants to spread that love of learning to the students of Mathnasium.

 Fun Fact: Matt owns an authentic armored knight's helment AND can do a backflip on a pogo stick better than Jerry can!



Elisa Jacobo, Instructor

Elisa is currently a senior at Lyons Township High School, taking Calculus BC and Statistics. She has always loved math and enjoys helping others understand the subject. She deepens her knowledge in math by being a part of LT's Science Olympiad team and the president of LT's math team. Outside of school, she enjoys reading and taking her dog on walks. In college, she plans on studying Computer Science and continuing to explore her interest in math. At Mathnasium, she hopes to help others develop a love for math by teaching it in a way that makes sense to them.

 Fun Fact: Elisa can speak both English and Spanish fluently!



Alex Huang, Instructor

A graphic designer by trade, Alex graduated from Elmhurst College in 2013 with a BA in Graphic Design, where he was a part of the award-winning school newspaper. Alex previously worked at Giant Steps, a school focusing on students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. After a long stint in corporate marketing, he returned to education with the goal of doing something more meaningful than boosting sales. Alex is an avid player of card and board games and hopes that he can contribute to Mathnasium's success.

 Fun Fact: Alex is a totally average guitar player!



Linda, Instructor


Linda is excited to work with the wonderful Mathematicians here at Mathnasium. She has always wanted to be a math teacher ever since high school. Her high school Algebra teacher made math so easy to understand. She majored in mathematics at Loyola University and became a teacher. Linda worked in middle schools for 5 years, and then took time off to stay home to raise each of her 3 children. She went back 17 years ago to teach at Nazareth Academy. She taught with remarkable teachers and learned so many ways and techniques to improve her students' math skills!

 Fun Fact: Linda loves to work on puzzles, especially word finds!


Gabriel Ngwe, Instructor


Gabriel graduated from Williams College in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and from Loyola University in 2019 with a Master's degree. He worked as a Calculus tutor at Williams and gave lectures to students at Loyola. A Chicago native, Gabriel's really passionate about helping students grow and flourish mathematically. When he's not tutoring students in math, he likes to play videogames and basketball on the weekends. Gabriel plans to become a teacher in the future to help make math make sense for his students.

 Fun Fact: Gabriel once climbed a mountain in zero degree weather!