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Mathnasium of La Verne is always looking for individuals who are exceptional at math and love teaching kids.  We love math and are looking for enthusiastic tutors to help kids understand math like never before!

To inquire about instructor positions at Mathnasium of La Verne, please call us at (909) 345-6284 or email us with your resume and cover letter (

See below for a job description:

 Job Title:

Formal Title: Mathnasium Instructor

Position Summary:

                The Mathnasium Instructor is responsible for delivering mathematical instruction to students using the Mathnasium method. The Instructor is committed to providing exceptional customer service through an expert approach that is personal and prescriptive, attending to each individual student’s needs. The Instructor builds students’ confidence and self-esteem through successful encounters and interactions with carefully selected materials. The Instructor works as part of a team and operates in a Team Teaching environment where collaboration and communication ensure all student needs are addressed. The Mathnasium Instructor is the backbone of Mathnasium’s customer service by delivering exceptional math instruction for students.

Instructor Role:

  • Teach through Mathnasium methodology and terminology, using prescribed teaching practices.
  • Actively encourage, motivate, and engage with students during the instructional session.
  • Evaluate and document student progress.
  • Correct student work and provide positive constructive feedback.
  • Maintain student attention and re-engage distracted students.
  • Manage student behavior to create a positive environment that optimizes learning.
  • Communicate student needs to center leadership and to instructional staff in a team-teaching environment.
  • Assist in non-teaching tasks, which may include cleaning, administrative assistance, curriculum preparation, or other duties as assigned.

Instructor Characteristics:

Math Expert:
Instructors must be passionate about math and have strong skills through Algebra I.  Instructors who work with high school students must also excel in math through Algebra II, Trig, and higher math topics.  Instructors must be willing to successfully complete training and apply new pedagogy to teach the Mathnasium Way.

Instructors must interact well with students and be able to instruct students clearly and concisely.  Instructors should be able to inspire students to do well, establish a fun learning environment, and consistently demonstrate enthusiasm in teaching math. Instructors should be able to build strong relationships with students in order to keep them engaged with work.

Instructors must move easily from one student to another and be able to keep track of multiple instructional lessons that happen concurrently.  Instructors must be able to evaluate and document progress in order to facilitate student learning. Instructors must be able correct work and provide students constructive feedback using positive reinforcement techniques that bolster confidence with math.

Instructors must interact with parents, students, and co-workers in a friendly but professional manner at all times and establish a high level of confidence and program value with Mathnasium families. Instructors must be a role model for students, demonstrating the capabilities and competence that math can bring.

Tasks Performed:

  • Teach mathematical concepts to students.
  • Monitor student performance or assist students in a learning center environment.
  • Utilize multiple instruction methodologies such as team teaching.
  • Actively search the room to respond to raised hands from students in order to answer their questions, grade their work, and address any concerns.
  • Provide feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate, and build confidence in students.
  • Monitor student behavior and intervene when appropriate to address any behavioral concerns or redirect attention back to course work.
  • Be reliable, responsible, and dependable in fulfilling assigned duties and obligations.
  • Provide excellent customer service with parents and students to ensure that students are gaining confidence in math and parents feel supported and heard.
  • Grade and correct student assignments to provide feedback to students.
  • Assign students binder material during their session.
  • Works with team members to ensure all students in the center have their instruction needs met.
  • Monitor and assess current self-performance to make improvements; take corrective actions in order to become a better instructor.
  • Be honest and ethical in interactions with customers.
  • Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among students.
  • Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests.
  • Assist students with math homework.
  • Manage a students’ time while they are at the center.
  • Participate in training and development sessions to improve instruction practices or learn new instruction techniques.
  • Flag, mark, write notes, and keep students’ binders organized.
  • Combine pieces of information about a student to form and apply principles on how to most effectively teach mathematical concepts.
  • Actively listen to team members, giving them full attention, taking time to understand the points being made, making yourself understood, not interrupting, and asking questions when appropriate.
  • Use computers, primarily laptops, and tablets
  • Assess students' progress throughout instruction sessions.
  • Verbally check-in with students at the beginning and during their session.
  • Clean center tables, chairs, bathroom, trash, and/or other center areas as directed.
  • Use manipulatives (objects) to teach students math.
  • Reports to Center Director, Assistance Center Directors, and/or Lead Instructors, to receive instruction/work.
  • Communicate with team members via email, phone, and in-person.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely to convey information effectively to team members and superiors.
  • Prepare students for future grades by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.
  • Works with team members to ensure the center is running smoothly.
  • Verbally check-in with students when they arrive at the center.
  • Participates in parent meetings/conferences/conversations to explain current student progress.
  • Provide disabled students with assistive devices, supportive technology, and assistance accessing facilities such as restrooms.
  • Provide private instruction to individual and/or small groups of students to improve academic performance.
  • When appropriate, escort a student to their parent when the session expires.