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News from Mathnasium of Longmont

League of Legends - Required linear algebra to create!

Oct 31, 2018

"When will I ever use this?" This is a common phrase that we've all heard our kids say, but it's important in these moments to have a clear reference point to fall back on to explain the importance of math in most careers. A career path that is becoming more common is that of a Software Engineer. Coding and programming is not only becoming more of a familiar concept, but also more mainstream and popular. 

Playing video games can give kids a false sense of how easy the creation process must be. Because video games have so many special effects nowadays, and are so customizable, it makes it feel like the process to create it must be pretty self explanatory and easy. This is actually not the case! As Eric Friedman explains in this blog post on the Mathnasium Matters website, "In every job interview he’s had, Friedman has been asked about his skills in vector math and matrix math, parts of linear algebra." He not only had to pursure and understand coding to be able to make such wonderful games like League of Legends, but he had to learn and master things like 3D vectors and matrix to be able to "tell" the code and game exactly what he wanted it to do.

Share this "Cool Career using Math" story with your kids! Not only will it give a great starting point for discussion about careers, math and coding; but it will help give them something to refer to if they wonder when they'll ever use in life, what they're learning in school! 

For the full article, visit the Mathnasium Matters Blog, and the original article - Click Here!