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Join the thousands of parents doing something about math learning loss.

Our caring, expert instructors will teach your child math so that they understand it, master it, and love it.

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The pandemic has affected all of our lives, including our children’s education. The subject that’s been hit hardest? Math.

Studies show that children in some grade levels are up to 12 weeks behind expectations in math. And once kids fall behind, it’s often difficult to catch up on their own.

That’s where Mathnasium comes in. Our customized learning plans are proven to improve grades and help correct math learning loss. The Mathnasium Method™ helps students understand concepts faster and easier than a “one-size-fits-all” curriculum. And as many of our students will attest, we actually make learning math fun.

Join the thousands of parents already taking control of their children's math education. Contact Mathnasium today to schedule your free consultation.

Offering live instruction in center and online through Mathnasium@home.
Why Mathnasium Is Your Best Choice

Math-only experts in over 1,000 learning centers

Foundational-to-advanced tutoring for grades 2-12

Verbal and written evaluations pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Customized learning plans build confidence and the skills your child needs to succeed

Specially trained, caring instructors work with your child face-to-face

Homework help and test prep are also part of our program

We’re passionate about math — and we want to make your child feel that way too. Whether your child struggles in math or needs a greater challenge, our proven approach makes believers out of even the most skeptical parents and children. At Mathnasium, students learn to truly understand the way math works!

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Why Choose Mathnasium? Watch Our Video to Find Out.

Mathnasium Gets Results

Children who consistently attend Mathnasium sessions enjoy a transformative learning experience and make tremendous strides in comprehension, confidence and grades. Parents whose children have attended Mathnasium regularly for at least six months told our survey1:


of students saw improvement in their school grades2


of parents report improved attitude toward math


of parents report an improvement in their child’s math skills and understanding

Multiple independent studies conducted by Watson Education have shown that Mathnasium improves student performance on standards-based tests in 20 sessions or fewer. See

1Survey of parents whose children have regularly attended Mathnasium for six months or longer. 2Includes students with a starting grade below an A.