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All sessions are 60 minutes, masks are currently required for all guests at our center




Join our Team and change lives!

We know math makes the world a better place so we enable our Instructors to deliver excellence every day!  Employees at our center have a unique opportunity to be part of a growing environment where we can make a difference in our students’ lives and support their long term success – from succeeding in school and college, to contributing to our society’s advancement, our work has meaning.

Be more than just a tutor!

Our mission is to teach math in a way that makes sense to students in K - 12. We value your input and want to make you a part of our future growth! With our professional yet family-oriented culture, we recognize the importance of celebrating individual and team success. We care about our employees and provide them with a safe, fair and respectful workplace with the opportunity to learn, grow and advance. Happy employees provide great service and, in turn, create happy students & parents!

We are looking for enthusiastic mathematicians for a position in our dynamic and growing organization. We teach in a study hall-type environment at our learning center located across from Clement Park and Columbine Library. We work with students of all ages (2-12 grade) and abilities through calculus and we offer private tutoring for adults.  We are looking for team members who have solid math skills, a great personality and strong communication skills who love working with children.

Email the center director for job descriptions

or send your resume and letter of intent to:

Suzie Shride

Center Director

Mathnasium of Littleton



Instructor Position - Hiring for the School Year 2021-2022

Part time - 9-20 hours per week

Pay: $13-15 / hour

We serve our students year-round, so this is an opportunity for regular part-time work (9-20 hours per week). You must be available at least 2 days out of the 6 days we are open. Must enjoy working with all ages of students from 2nd grade through high school and adult and must be able to teach through Algebra I (Geo, Trig and Calc are a bonus!)

If you are interested in being considered for our team, please send a resume and cover letter to

Ideal Candidates:

Retired engineers & school teachers (especially middle school & high school Math or Science teachers)

Current teachers

Math Fellows & college math and engineering students

Advanced high school math students (Junior and Senior years)


Assistant Center Director Position - NOW HIRING

Part time - 20-30 hours per week

Pay:  $15-18 / hour according to experience

The Assistant Director will have responsibility for both math tutoring, sales and as a "second in command" to the Center Director, who runs the center. Responsibilities include: math instruction (50%), tutor management, parent communication, and overall management (35%) and marketing & sales (15%).

If you are interested in being considered for our team, please send a resume and cover letter to

Ideal Candidates: The Assistant Director is a key member of the Learning Center team, and the growth path to being a Center Director. The ideal candidate will be a bright and ambitious professional, willing to work hard and change the way students view math. Candidates should be detailed minded, have good organizational skills, be highly motivated, and very enthusiastic. This key leadership position drives quality and consistency of the center experience. You will utilize your talents to manage the classroom during instructional hours, including coaching and training a team of instructors, and ensuring students are provided with effective and concise math instruction that makes sense to them. Assistant Center Directors are responsible for assuming the Center Director’s duties in his/her absence.

Who's a good fit?

Customer service / sales reps with solid math skills

Team leads in education, sales or marketing


Lead Instructor Position - filled internally

Part time - 12-25 hours per week

Pay: $14-16/hour

The Lead Instructor is the Instructor who communicates the needs of the Instruction team as well as the needs of the students to the Center Director. The Lead Instructor should be well-versed in education and the Mathnasium Method and be able to help the Center Director and Assistant Director analyze and adjust student binder material so that it is the most effective.

If you are interested in being considered for our team, please send a resume and cover letter to

Ideal Candidates:

The ideal candidate would be a person who is approachable and can approach others in a non-confrontational manner, can effectively communicate the various trends/habits/pitfalls that each individual Instructor may fall into while on the floor, and have a strong understanding/mastery of what team teaching is and how to execute it optimally in most, if not all, scenarios. They must also believe in and adhere to the teaching methodology of Mathnasium.

Education majors

Retired teachers

Grad Students & College TA's