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Essential Qualities to Look For in a Math Tutor

Oct 16, 2021

It’s probably becoming apparent whether or not your child needs help with their math class this year.
You may be wondering what to look for in a potential tutor so they can help your child catch up early in the year and they don’t get too far behind.
This guide will help you on your search for the best math tutor to help your child get ahead in math.
1. A strong competence in math
The math tutor must have demonstrated a competence in math far beyond the abilities of the student. The tutor should have enough knowledge of math to go in-depth into a concept when necessary.
A simple “how–to” explanation or algorithm for solving a tough math problem may leave kids more confused than when they started.
2. An ability to teach
It's one thing to be good at math . . . and sometimes it is an entirely different thing to be able to explain how to do it (or teach the concept). The tutor needs to tailor the instruction to the pace of the child.
If the tutor fails to check for mastery of a concept before progressing, or uses confusing explanations, the student will get more frustrated and confused.
3. An assessment to find out a child’s strengths and weaknesses
Spending time on previously mastered material is boring.
On the other hand, skipping foundational skills leaves critical learning gaps unaddressed. That leads to problems down the road.
4. A structured curriculum as a resource
A curriculum outlines the progression of skills, gives examples, practice and follow-up. It also refers the tutor back to previous skills if a learning gap is discovered.
Trying to tutor without a curriculum is like trying to build a house without a blueprint.
You may end up with a structure resembling a house but lacking key features, like space for the bathroom plumbing.
5. An enjoyable personality
Nobody learns well from a grump. Your child may already have mixed feelings about getting extra help in math, especially if they suffer from math anxiety.
At least you can make the time spent doing extra math enjoyable.
6. The ability to push your child out of their comfort zone
A tutor must not only help them get to a certain level in math, but also push them a little so they can get better. Think in terms of a sports coach who makes your child run the extra lap, shoot another couple of free throws or practice dribbling another 10 minutes at the end of practice.
They also need to have the right attitude when the child makes inevitable mistakes and treat every mistake as a learning experience.
What to Do Next
You may use this guide to help you interview tutors and find the right tutor for your child.
You could also just bring your child to Mathnasium of Littleton where we have done all the vetting of every instructor for you including background checks.
Often a student will form a bond with one particular instructor.
If you commit to coming into Mathnasium at a consistent day and time that works well for the center and the instructor, we will do our best to always have that instructor around to work with your child.
The first step is to give us a call at 303-979-9077 and schedule a complimentary math assessment and/or a free trial session.
We look forward to speaking with you!
TheTeam @ Mathnasium of Littleton
303-979-9077 (call or text)
P.S. Remember, all you’re doing is saying “Maybe” at this point!