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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Reggie Kellum, Mathnasium Owner

Reggie received his Bachelor's in Electrical engineering from Stanford University and his Master's from University of Arizona. For over 20 years, Reggie worked for Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies performing state of the art integrated circuit designs. He also spent 8 years developing and delivering an instructional method and curriculum for helping teenagers and young adults to discover and define their future direction. In total he has spent over 20 years educating children in various capacities.

Reggie has dedicated his life to the development of young people. His personal mission statement reads, "Improve the Lives of Children". With his love of math, and passion for developing youth, Mathnasium is an ideal fit. Additionally, Reggie is also very passionate about addressing prevalent issues in our society. Reggie perceives math illiteracy to be a prevalent and significant problem in our country today. He finds Mathnasium to be an ideal vehicle for him to use to address this problem.

Reggie is very fortunate to have two wonderful children, Mallory and Bryce. "We look forward to helping your child develop a joy for Math."

Katie Gillett - Assistant Center Director

Hi, I’m Katie! From an early age, I’ve been surrounded by math. My mom teaches Algebra at Sunset Middle School, and my dad teaches math at CU Boulder and is the author of a very successful calculus textbook. When I was three years old, he taught me that the derivative of 2x was 2, and the rest is history… Math wasn’t always easy for me growing up, but I was blessed to have a home where I could always get help when I needed it. I love providing that support and encouragement to kids from all levels of math background and experience.

I’m the oldest of five siblings. My family is a part of St. John the Baptist parish here in Longmont, and I went to school there from preschool through 8th grade. I then attended Niwot High School and graduated in 2015 with my IB Diploma. I’m currently taking a break from school, but soon I’ll be heading back to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN to finish a degree in Theatre and Music. In the meantime, I’m so happy to be part of the Mathnasium team!

Favorite number: 2,357. The digits are the first four prime numbers!

Fun Fact: I have performed in two professional Broadway shows, as a chorus member in MCP’s productions of Titanic: A New Musical and Parade.

Hobbies: Hiking, playing piano, spending time with my younger siblings

I love Mathnasium because: forming relationships with the students is such a joy, and it’s exciting to see

them connect concepts, solve problems, and develop a love of math!

Jennie Chung - Instructor

Jennie graduated from Niwot High School and plans on studying math and computer science at the California Institute of Technology. Jennie has always had a passion for math because of the way it teaches critical problem solving skills that are applicable in other areas. She believes that everyone can use math to some degree where they may be in life, which is why she loves instructing at Mathnasium.

Fun Fact About You: In middle school I was determined to be a novelist.

Your Best Math Story: One time in my differential equations class, our professor had us play a sort of "telephone" where each person in the group had to solve a different part of the problem before passing it on. Just like in real telephone, it was a complete mess but lots of fun.

Hobbies: Swimming, Canoeing

 Logan Lamere - Instructor

I attend CU Boulder and am studying Applied Mathematics. I love math and look forward to using it every day. Teaching math is extremely enjoyable for me because I want other people to see how beautiful math can be.

What is your favorite number and why? 1 because it's the ubiquitous factor.

What is your favorite math joke? Are monsters good at math? No, unless you Count Dracula.

Fun Fact about You Glue: It comes from horses.

Sherie Davideit - Instructor

I am a senior at Longmont High School. My favorite school subjects are studio art, biology, and physics. After high school, I will be working towards earning a Ph.D. in a science and eventually become a professor at a university. Despite having a love-hate relationship with math, teaching at Mathnasium has helped me realize that even though there may be aspects of math that are trying, the pure brilliance and 'absoluteness' of math necessitates respect. 

Favorite math joke: Why are Romans so bad at algebra? Because X always equals 10!

Fun fact: My parent's names, Ann and Dennis, are the names of my best friend (Elizabeth)'s parents. The given names of my mother and her mother have the same pronunciation (Anh). And I was originally going to be named Elizabeth. 

Hobbies: Drawing, painting, listing to music, binging Netflix, and sleeping.

Katie Byrne - Instructor

I have been working at the Longmont Mathnasium Center since summer of 2017 and I love it so much! My favorite part of the job is sitting down with a student that is struggling in a subject area and after working with them for a time seeing a light bulb go off, then watching the expression on their face light up. Math should be a rewarding and positive experience for students and that is my goal while teaching.

What is your favorite number and why? 33 - It has always been my lucky number

What is your favorite math joke? Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9.

Your Best Math Story: In my middle school math class we got to drop a watermelon off of the school roof to estimate the acceleration of gravity.

I love Mathnasium because all the amazing instructors are there for the purpose of helping students and that gives the students the best chance at understanding and enjoying math.

Samuel Greenidge - Lead Instructor

Samuel currently lives in Colorado, and was born in Chicago, which according to the Intermediate Value Theorem means he has visited every point between those two locations at some point in his life. He lives at home with three younger brothers and several alpacas. He also works as an intern with Grace Church. His favorite number is Euler’s constant e, because it took him forever to realize that it’s actually useful. Also because, just like π, e goes on forever without falling into a pattern. It’s expected that it contains every possible sequence of numbers, including numerical encodings of all his favorite books, and the exact shade of blue that he likes best.  

Jacob Phillips - Instructor

Jacob grew up in Longmont, Colorado and tutored for 2 years at CU Denver while earning a bachelors in math with a focus in statistics.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, hiking, running, flying RC helicopters.

I love Mathnasium because the kids are great. When I started working here I was pleasantly surprised by how much the kids enjoyed doing math and learning new things. They are very enthusiastic and I enjoy interacting with them.

Interesting Fact: I struggled with math a lot throughout school. I think there is a misconception that people can only be successful in math if they are “naturally” good at it. This simply is not true. One of the reasons I enjoy tutoring is that I get to challenge student’s misconceptions about their own math abilities and help them realize there potential.