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Summer Power Math Workout Program

Apr 16, 2018

Students come to Mathnasium to exercise their analytical and problem-solving skills. Regardless of grade or skill level, the Mathnasium system evaluates their current performance level and propels them forward. Summer is an ideal time to take advantage of Mathnasium’s Power Math Workouts. These workouts are designed to be done over the summer, to give students an extra boost heading into the new school year.

In addition to our year-round Mathnasium programs our Power Math Workouts cover the below specific topics:

Jump Starters                                                                                                               Upcoming Grade

Jump Start I -   Upper Elementary Math                                                                             4th grade

Jump Start II -   Middle School Math                                                                                   6th grade

Master Series

Master Times Tables                                                                                                           3rd grade and up

Master Fraction Concepts and Skills                                                                                  3rd grade and up

Master Decimal Concepts and Skills                                                                                  4th grade and up

Master Percent (basic)                                                                                                       5th grade and up

Master Percent (advanced)                                                                                                7th grade and up

Power Intros

Pre-Algebra Readiness: A Power Math Intro                                                                     6th grade and up

Algebra I Readiness: A Power Math Intro                                                                         7th grade and up

High School Geometry Readiness                                                                                    8th grade and up

Power Reviews

Algebra I: A Power Math Review (Algebra II Prep)                                                           8th grade and up

High School Geometry: A Power Math Review                                                                 8th grade and up