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News from Mathnasium of Red Mill

Five Ways to Make Math Enjoyable

Jun 20, 2019

Math Doesn't Have to be Boring

    So often, children who come into Mathnasium have a habit of disliking the math they do.  And it makes sense; of course, if they are at Mathnasium, it is likely that they are struggling.  Struggling abets negative feelings towards math in general.  Yet, math is useful and ought to be pleasurable as well.  The way in which students perceive math is largely based on the manner of teaching.  


Tips for Improving the Student Experience

1.  Take math-related breaks - Grinding through tedious fraction addition problems can lead to mental fatigue in students; in order to boost their productivity, they need brief breaks.  A five minute game of cards with an algebra-related spin may be all they need for rejuvenation.

2.  Ask them about themselves - Math doesn't have to be a silent marathon.  The right teacher can engage with the student at the right times and not hamper their efforts.

3.  Explain why what they're doing is significant - No one enjoys doing something that they feel has no purpose.  But, remind a student why they want to succeed, and they will.  Perhaps they want to be an engineer when they grow up and need the skills.  Plus, even if they don't need math for their aspirations, they will need good grade to move them up the ladder.

4.  Change your tone - If the tone of the teacher is monotonous or frustrated, the student's emotions will too.

5.  Give an incentive - At Mathnasium, we recognize the importance of incentives; that's why we provide rewards based on the amount of assignments completed.  Providing a clear goal for the student is sure to electrify their learning experience.