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#MathLove 2023

Feb 1, 2023 | Manassas Blog

This February, we want to take some time to celebrate our love of math, and share why our team is truly, deeply in love with math and math education!

Teaching Kids to Love Math

Feb 1, 2023 | Manassas Blog

There are a million and one reasons why a student might dislike math - it’s hard, they don’t understand what’s going on, and it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth their time; just to name a few. However, adults all seem to agree that “math is important” an..

National Puzzle Day

Jan 27, 2023 | Manassas Blog

Puzzles are more than an enjoyable pastime for your family, they’re also a great way for children to develop math concepts such as spatial reasoning and creative thinking. At Mathnasium, we know that kids succeed in math when they’re taught in engaging and creative ways – that’s why we incorporate puzzles and other games into our student’s visits.

The Importance of Setting Math Goals

Jan 2, 2023 | Manassas Blog

Whether a child is falling behind because they struggle with the material or because they’re not being sufficiently challenged, research shows that empowering students to make their own decisions with regard to their education increases levels of engagement, and improves academic performance!

New Years at Mathnasium

Jan 2, 2023 | Manassas Blog

Parents, At this time of year many people are evaluating their past year and making resolutions to help their new year play out better than ever. It’s important to not only set goals for healthy eating and getting more physical exercise - but also..

Make a Holiday Hexaflexagon!

Dec 12, 2022 | Manassas Blog

Keep your child entertained this holiday season with a Holiday Hexaflexagon! This activity is a great way to engage with students who love to draw and make origami, with a math-y twist!

Mathnasium Students are Giving Back to Their Community in a Surprising Way!

Nov 16, 2022 | Manassas Blog

At this time of year when we focus on what we’re thankful for, we want to take some time to celebrate our students’ hard work and generosity.

Tangram Puzzle Challenge: Thanksgiving Turkey

Nov 10, 2022 | Manassas Blog

Challenge your family this Thanksgiving with this Tangram Puzzle Challenge!

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