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News from Mathnasium of Marana

The Results of Mathnasium of Marana

Jan 15, 2020

Interested in a digital tour of our center? Please see the video below, where you can see our center in action and hear first hand accounts of the wonderful results our students achieve!



A response from a Mathnasium Parent: "We whole heartedly give Mathnasium of Marana five stars, credit them for getting our son over the “math hump” and for helping to heal our family! Math was a struggle for our son 1st-3rd grade and it was destroying his self confidence and causing a lot of tension in our home as we tried to “help” him. Out of desperation, we came to Mathnasium in the summer before 4th grade and continued through his fifth grade year. Initially he attended several days a week (thank you Devi, forever grateful!) and near the end was going in 1-2 days, he did all of his math homework and test prep with them (alleviating tension at home) and worked hard through the Mathnasium program. Yes his math skills improved, district and state testing scores soared and he was working hard but achieving all As and Bs on math homework, quizzes and exams but more than anything what we appreciated the most was the gift of “math confidence” Mathnasium gave our son. We recently moved to N.H. and our son is in the 10th grade at a rigorous high school...since his time at Mathnasium he has worked hard to get As in all of his math classes and was moved up to honors level math. I know he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of Mathnasium! I hope this gives someone hope...just because your kiddo is struggling today doesn’t mean they will struggle forever!"