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March Madness 2019

Mar 18, 2019

All students have been placed onto one of four National Collegiate Mathletic Association teams: Miskatonic University, Wossomatta University, Empire State University, and Monsters University.
The tournament lasts from Saturday, March 16 to Monday, April 8 (8:00 PM). The winning team will be announced Tuesday, April 9.
Every member of the winning team will win ten full rewards cards.
Each student’s work will result in points for his/her team (this is independent of reward card punches). NCMA rules stipulate:
1 Point for all prescriptive pages (PKs), including mastery checks with errors
2 Points for all workout book pages (WOB)
3 Points for each 100% correct mastery check (including challenge problems)
Scores will be updated daily. The student earning the most points on any given day will be that day’s Most Valuable Player, and will earn glory and honor.
To paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt: it is not the critic who counts, but if it were, he could count by 11s by adding 10, then adding 1 more. Good luck!