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March Student Spotlight: Srisha

Mar 6, 2019

We're featuring Srisha this month! She is in fourth grade and has been our student since August 2017. She loves her school and loves Mathnasium!

Todd: How does it feel to be our student spotlight for March?

Srisha: Good! I feel great!

Todd: What does Mathnasium mean to you?

Srisha: It means a lot to me, because I got very good at math, and I’m really far ahead of other people in class.

Todd: So do you like math class?

Srisha: Yes.

Todd: What some of your favorite things to do in math?

Srisha: I like fractions, multiplication, and decimals.

Todd: What’s your favorite food?

Srisha: Macaroni and cheese.

Todd: What do you like to do outside of math?

Srisha: I like to dance and do art. For art, I really like painting and oil pastels. I like ballet and Indian traditional dance.

Todd: For dance, do you learn a lot about time?

Srisha: Yes, you have to concentrate and really know the beats.

Todd: But time is math, so that’s really not outside of math.

Srisha: Haha, no. You're right. It's all math!

Todd: What do you hope to accomplish this year?

Srisha: I want to get better at reading, because it’s really hard for me.

Todd: Do you think you can do it?

Srisha: Yes! I just got a 100% in reading comprehension!