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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

  Scott Penkova, Regional Director

Scott has worked with Mathnasium, first as a Center Director in Fort Mitchell and now as the Regional Director of four locations, Blue Ash, Mason, West Chester and Fort Mitchell, KY.  He came to Mathnasium after working for years in different school settings, from public to private, and brick and mortar to online!  He uses the many different experiences to help students achieve high levels of understanding in mathematics.  He works closely with all of his Centers' staffs to make sure that they are giving the same emphasis on understanding and passion towards what we do.  He still works on instructing students in our one-on-one model but also enjoys being able to cultivate each instructor into the best teacher they can be.  When he isn't working you will find him spending time with his wife and two children.  He also enjoys being outside and reading books.


 Tyler Bartruff, Center Director

Tyler has worked on his associates degree in Architecture at Cincinnati State then continued onto Northern Kentucky University to study Business Leadership.  While being raised in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati school system, Tyler is well versed in Mathematic curriculum and application. His passion for Math has accompanied him throughout his studies, and he began tutoring as a second job in 2014.  He found Mathnasium while tutoring at a small locally owned business and working as a Commercial Project Coordinator in Construction.  He immediately found the value of the Mathnasium program, and worked his way up to Center Director.   Now, Tyler utilizes his passion by sharing Mathnasium with the community.  He strives for filling the learning gaps of the struggling students, challenging the advanced students and recruiting instructors that share his passion (he calls them math junkies).  Tyler is a single father who values hard work, positive attitudes, and relationship building.  He looks forward to meeting with you and breaking down his Math Formula- Confusion + (Support * care * encouragement)  = understanding = GROWTH!


  Brian Lunn, Assistant Center Director

Brian joined the Mathnasium team at the Blue Ash location in 2013 around the same time he started attending graduate courses at the University of Cincinnati.  After obtaining a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics in 2016, he moved to San Diego for the next three years where he continued to work as a private tutor and acquired a substitute teaching certification.   Brian joined the Mathnasium of Mason in August of 2019 as Assistant Center Director.  With over a decade of experience as an educator he continues his passion for helping students succeed in math.  Outside of mathematics, his interests include many outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing, and sailing.


Rohin, Instructor

Rohin is a Senior at Mason Highschool.  He loves playing sports and video games.  He was born in West Virginia and he's been to 25 states! 

Favorite number: 2 after his favorite basketball player, Kyrie Irving.  

Favorite Math Joke:  What did the triangle say to the circle?  You're pointless!

In 5 years: Rohin hopes to finish his Bachelor's Degree and pusue his MBA.


Tanisha, Instructor

Tanisha is a Sophomore at Mason Highschool.  She enjoys playing violin, dancing and running for her school's track and field team.  

Favorite number: 25 because that is her birthday.

Favorite Math Joke:  Why do plants hate math?  It gives them square roots!

In 5 years: Third year of college majoring in Public Health on the Pre-Med track.


Baylee, Instructor

Baylee is a senior at Miami University studying Middle Childhood Education.  She loves playing sports and being outdoors.

Favorite number: 19 because that was her soccer number.  

Favorite Math Joke:  Why was the obtuse angle always upset?  It was never right!

In 5 years: Teaching!


Vishnu, Instructor

Vishnu is a senior at Mason High School, with a demonstrated interest in medicine and robotics.  He grew up in Mason and spends his free time reading, playing the violin, and listening to music.


Elaine, Instructor

Elaine has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Mathematics from Miami University.  She has tutored and taught math students in Uganda and Asia.  Elaine also has 28 years experience as a Sofware Developer.  Elaine enjoys hiking and biking as well as traveling to foreign countries.  She likes working at Mathnasium to help students understand math so it is fun and easy for them.

Favorite number: 73 because she likes both 7 and 3.

Ishaan, Instructor


Ishaan is a senior in Highschool.  He is planning on majoring in Mechanical Engineering at college.  He enjoys playing soccer and loves to cook!

Favorite number: 11 because it is symmetrical!

Favorite Math Joke:  Who is king of the pencil case?  The ruler!

In 5 years: Graduated from college and working at a aerospace-related business!


Ishika, Instructor

Ishika is a senior at Mason Highschool.  She plans to major in Industrial Engineering in college and loves to spend her free time hiking.

Favorite number: 64 because that was the first number I was assigned in pre-school.

Favorite Math Joke:  What did the triangle say to the circle?  You're pointless!

In 5 years: Getting my Bachelor's Degree!


Indranshu, Instructor

Indranshu is 18 years old and currently attending the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine as a Medical Sciences Major.  He looks to graduate from college and apply to medical school to become a physician.  Indranshu's hobbies outside of the academic world include volunteering, playing a lot of sports, and traveling!

Favorite number: 10 because of Lionel Messi (greatest player in any sport!)

Favorite Math Joke:  I had an argument with a 90 degree angle... turns out is was always right!