Testimonial and Review from a Mom of a 7th Grade Mathnasium Student

Oct 26, 2021 | 4S Ranch

At Mathnasium, we pride ourselves on delivering incredible academic results for all our students. Our company's mission is to teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it.


We know as you complete your due diligence in looking for a math tutor or learning center for your student(s), you want to hear from other parents and guardians in your position. We are proud to share our parent testimonials and reviews of our program. Read for yourself what our parents have to say!


Check out this testimonial from Gina B., a mom of a 7th grade student enrolled at Mathnasium:

"Mathnasium has a terrific, helpful team. They offer a safe, clean, comfortable, welcoming environment that my son always looks forward to. They offer updates and assessments to ensure transparency on my son's progress. Everyone in the team is accommodating and support in the success of each student."


Gina highlights an important part of our program, our progress report system. Enrolled families receive monthly progress reports for each child they have at our learning center. These progress reports detail what curriculum a student has mastered, what curriculum a student is actively working on, and what we will work on next. This way, you can see how you child is performing in the learning center. These progress reports can be shared with anyone you wish to be looped in on your child's academics. 


Have Your Own A+ Mathnasium Experience

Mathnasium is an after school learning center where students in kindergarten through 12th grade come to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math. Mathnasium offers math tutoring and enrichment, homework help and test preparation services to help students excel in the classroom and beyond.


Everything we do at Mathansium is custom-tailored to meet your student's needs. This starts from Day 1 when we generate your student's individualized learning plan. New Mathnasium students complete a diagnostic assessment to see exactly which math concepts they need help mastering or retaining. The results of this assessment generate the curriculum we teach to your child. 


Once a student is enrolled at Mathnasium, they attend sessions at our learning center two to three times per week for one hour sessions. These one hour sessions can exclusively focus on our curriculum to help your student close academic gaps or help enrichment with more advanced curriculum, or can be broken up into 30 minutes of Mathnasium program work and 30 minutes of tactical homework help. 


To get started, simply schedule an assessment! We offer them every day we are open and they can be scheduled at your conveinence by visiting https://queencreekassessment.youcanbook.me/.