Instructor Spotlight: Hannah Carpenter

Nov 1, 2015 | Apex

Each month we are going to spotlight one of our A+ instructors! Our staff members come from different backgrounds and have a variety of views on math, education, and life.

Our October instructor spotlight is Hannah Carpenter!

What did you do before Mathnasium?
"During my freshmen year at NC State I got a job at the alumni center working as a student ambassador. All that really means is I called alumni, updated their information, talked with them about the college, and got them to donate money to their college. I raised closed to $85,000 for NC State in just 13 months. After I resigned from the alumni center I joined the Mathnasium of Apex team as a part time instructor. From there I worked my way up to Center Director, and eventually I became the Regional Program Director for four local centers. In Spring 2014 I was lucky enough to come back to the Apex center full time as the Director. I'm happy to be home!"

Where do you want to attend college and what's your intended major?
"My major is Business Administration with a concentration in finance" 

What is your biggest academic achievement?
"My biggest academic achievements were scoring Level 5's on both my AP Calculus and AP Environmental Science exams during my senior year of high school. I greatly enjoyed both classes and had awesome teachers, but those were two of the toughest exams I had ever taken in high school. I had a lot going on senior year, from athletics to community involvement, so I've always been proud of handling everything that year and acing those exams."

What has been your biggest academic challenge?
"College was a tough adjustment for me. I had always been at the top of my class without having to stuy or ask for help. When I got to college, things changed. I didn't know how to study or how to ask for help, and honestly I was a bit embarassed to ask for help. I eventually worked through all of that but it was definitely a tough transition."

What is your favorite subject? (Other than math!)
"In high school my favorite subject was chemistry. But in college my favorite class was badminton! It was my very first college course and by far the most fun!"

What is your favoring things about working at Mathnasium?
"I love finding those teachable moments. I love getting to see the "a-ha!" lightbulb moments kids have when things finally make sense to them. One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that you helped a student increase their understanding and ultimately boost their self confidence. I enjoy building friendships with my students and we have a lot of fun in the center. I also have an amazing staff and an awesome boss that I get to work with on a daily basis. I absolutely love coming to work every day!"

What is your favorite color?
"I'm complicated. Right now my favorite color is blue. But it actually changes depending on my mood. Sometimes my favorite color is green, or yellow, or even camo. It's always changing!"

What is your dream job?
"Mathnasium forever! Who knows what I'll end up doing when I grow up. But I really enjoy the field I'm currently in so I hope to build on that. In all seriousness the ultimate plan is to open my own corporation and own multiple businesses."

What are some of your hobbies and pastimes?
"I'm a big sports fan so you can usually find me throwing the softball or football around. I also love to read, go fishing, hang out with friends, and take day trips to the beach (when time allows). I enjoy exploring new things and going on crazy adventures, big and small. My friends always say they never know where they will end up when they join one of my excursions"

What are your favorite words of wisdom?
"Leadership and learning are indispensable of each other." (John F. Kennedy)

"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly." (John F. Kennedy)

"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things." (Joe Namath)

"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." (Deuteronomy 31:8)


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