Summer Math Car Games

May 31, 2015 | Apex

It's important to keep your child's brain engaged over the summer break, and find ways to help them build their math skills while having fun!

Whether you're planning an epic car trip across the country, or heading to Grandma's for the weekend, backseat car time is the perfect for math practice! Here are a few games your child can play in the car to pass the travel time and keep math fresh in their brains.

Counting Game

Ask your child to keep a running count of different objects (blue cars, cows, telephone poles, etc.). 

License plate practice

Practice adding, subtracting, and/or multiplying numbers on license plates you can spot from the car. 

Gas mileage

The next time you fill up, ask your child to help calculate gas mileage at the next fill up point.

Trip budgeting

Ask your child to help plan the day's budget and figure out how much of it you are using as you stop for food, gas, snacks, etc.