Word Problem Wednesday: Math Skills and Career Opportunities!

Feb 21, 2018 | Apex

A strong math foundation nurtures problem solving skills that will last a lifetime, skills that not only lead to improved math grades in school today, but which extend all the way to career opportunities in the future! Elementary and middle school students will see how they’ll use math skills to make important decisions as they help April figure out which job she should take in this week’s word problem challenge. 

Go ahead and give it a try, Mathletes! Don’t forget to check back next week for the solution!

Challenge: April is deciding what kind of job she should take. She’s deciding between jobs as a lab assistant (which will pay her $48.00 for 4 hours of work), a computer programmer (which will pay her $65.00 for 5 hours of work), and a reporter (which will pay her $69.00 for 6 hours of work). Which job should she take if she wants to earn the most money per hour?