Oct 19, 2016 | Belden Village

TriMathlon Warm-Up Wednesday: Mental Math Workout

By Damaris | Added Oct 19, 2016



Hi there, problem solvers! Our countdown to our Annual TriMathlon continues with the third installment of our TriMathlon Warm-Up Wednesday Word Problem Giveaway. How would you solve this week's word problem? Email[email protected] by October 30 with your solution to this and our other Warm-Up Wednesday challenges (The Counting Game and Magic Squares) for a chance to win a Mathnasium prize pack!

Every year, TriMathletes demonstrate their creativity, number sense, and mathematical agility by participating in the Mental Math Workout! This week, set aside your calculator, pencil, and paper and enter our algorithm-free zone. Tell us how you’d solve a math problem … the number sense way.

Dom has to add 697 + 198, but does not have a calculator or a pencil and paper to show his work. If you were Dom, how would you solve this problem mentally? Describe your process!

We'll be back next Wednesday with our final TriMathlon Warm-Up Wednesday word problem! In the meantime, check out our TriMathlon FAQs to learn more about Mathnasium's Annual TriMathlon, and head over to to find the TriMathlon event nearest you and to register!

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