Math Muscles Need Exercise!

May 28, 2021 | Brea

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Do you remember the math you learned in middle school? If you had to sit down and take a math test from high school, do you think you could ace it? Probably not, right? That's because our math skills are like our muscles. If we stop using them, they atrophy. 

Summertime is a perfect example of math atrophy. According to, summer math loss is a real problem:

"On average, children lose about a month of reading and math skills during their first summer vacation. And during their second summer vacation, they lose three full months of skills in reading and math."

You can read more about the "summer slide" of math loss here.

The typical summer math loss that comes each year has been greatly compounded because of the COVID pandemic. Some researchers are even nicknaming the learning loss generated by the pandemic as "the COVID slide."

Education Week says, "Studies vary in how severe they gauge the so-called “COVID slide” to be, but all of them found, on average, students would lose more ground in math than in reading. Three studies based on data predicted students could learn half or up to a full year less math in 2020-21, compared to what they would learn in a typical year."

Some parents have already enlisted help from Mathnasium to combat that "Covid slide."

One parents said, "I'm so grateful for Mathnasium! My son's math skills were weakening from virtual learning this last year. We enrolled him in Mathnasium and his confidence and grades both improved!" - T. G.

So how do we keep our student's math muscles strong? What can we do to counter the learning loss this summer and keep our students on track to be successful next year? 

Well, we exercise. Exercise math muscles, that is! 

The trick to keeping your student's math skills strong is simple: Keep practicing! At Mathnasium of Brea , we have a great "workout" program for your child's math muscles. Summer programs at Mathnasium are flexible and fun. We offer a wide variety of sessions geared to every level of math student. 

What if this summer your child didn't just avoid math learning loss, but actually gained some ground? With the help of our math tutors, Mathnasium of Brea is ready to get your child on track for their most successful year yet!