We Turn the Table on Student and Instructor

Feb 11, 2022 | Brea

We turn the table

One of the best ways to gauge a student's comprehension of a math concept is to see if they can teach it back to you. We call it turning the table on student and instructor, and it's a great tool to check for real understanding. 

For instance, when learning where the slope is located in the equation Y=1/2X-5, a student might just sit and nod. But when asked to demonstrate their knowledge, could that student write their own equation and identify what part represents the slope? At Mathnasium of Brea , the answer is "yes!". We teach a concept until it is fully understood. We take as much time as needed to ensure the student feels confident and comfortable with what they learned. We can also utilize different teaching styles: maybe your student learns best with hands-on teaching, or maybe they're a visual learner. Either way, we are equipped to teach with a variety of manipulatives and various methods to make sure students really "get it". 

Is your student ready to level up in math? Come see us today at 1082 E Bastanchury Rd. We've been helping kids just like yours for 9 years. Our Director, Trang Lukoff, will be happy to show you around our local Mathnasium. Sign up now for a Risk-Free Assessment!